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AFMBE Morsel - The Apartment Building

AFMBE Morsels

My living document on how I plan to create "morsels" is here:

The Apartment Building
These apartments were once a high class hotel. After the war, business dried up and the owners eventually closed it. Sixty years later, an investor purchased the properly and remodeled it into urban apartments. The décor is exposed wood and steel.

The building is eight levels tall with sixteen apartments on floors 2-8. The first level is a small grocer, drug store, conference rooms for rent and the apartment sales office. The basement serves as the home to all things maintenance and property management.

Person:  Miles
1.        Miles is Miles Rose, the investor who purchased the old hotel and turned it into the apartment complex
2.        Miles ransacked all of the apartments, collecting all of the alcohol he could find, prior to securing his hideout
3.        Mile is not from the area, but instead from where the vector originates
Place:  The Roof
1.        The only survivors in the building are on the roof
2.        A military crate missed its drop location; instead, it landed on the roof of a building where all the residents are zombies
3.        Prior to the fall, residents set up a mini-farm on the roof, complete with vegetable gardens and a chicken coup
Thing:  Water
1.        A water main broken somewhere in the building and water is free flowing inside the building
2.        The former survivors who lived here left behind a roof full of buckets and barrels to collect water
3.        There is an access point to the sewers in the basement; it was originally an access to coal tunnels, until those tunnels were converted

1.        The disease vector swept through the building very quickly and 85% of the residents are dead inside
2.        The handful of survivors in the building are all together (on the roof or in an apartment). They are not getting along and a major blowout will happen soon. They are not opposed to using the player characters to do the dirty work in a fight.
3.        During the rise, the inside of the building suffered a large amount of damage:  fires broken out, faucets were left in the on position, windows were left open allowing animals and the environment into the building, and residents broke through walls and floors in efforts to escape the zombies or the disasters.

Specific Locations within the Community
The Roof
Prior to the rise the roof was used by the buildings younger residents as a hangout. There is an old dinner table, moldy couch, 1D10 (5) buckets to collect rain, and 1D8 (4) Norm level archetypes on the roof. There is an access door to the stairs into the building. These are not the fire escape stairs to the ground floor. The door is held shut by boards shoved under the threshold. The fire escape is accessible from the roof.

Elevator Shaft
The elevator shaft does not contain a ladder. However, the support structure inside the shaft is such that ascent and descent is possible with several climbing rolls. The elevator shaft descends past the basement level by four feet. This area is filled with mechanical parts, machinery, and a century of trash. The elevator car is currently at the third floor. The top of the elevator car is latched shut and is opened with an easy strength check. The elevator car doors are open due to a mess of bodies in the way.

Two Bedroom Apartment 
This apartment was the residence of Peter and Emily Mclane. The couple retired from teaching a decade ago and decided to travel the USA and Canada. Their apartment is overrun with souveniers, chotchkees, oddities, no water, very little in the way of boxed or canned food, and no weapons. Native American masks line one wall in the living room and American Literature books that only a college professor could love line the other. According the calendar hanging in the hallway, they are in San Francisco until the 12th of next month.

The Basement
The basement contains everything the maintenance crew would use, including spare motors and tools. The elevator engine room is also located here in the basement. A sewer manhole provides access to old steam tunnels. A partially bricked up door leads to the old coal tunnels, which now provide access to the sewer system. There is no food or drink down here.

Travel times and difficulties to nearby, known communities

Travel Time by Foot
1D10 (5) hours
Surrounded by zombies
Big Box Store / Supermarket
1D4+2 (3) hours
Aggressive group currently controls this location
Community College
2D6 (3) hours
Weak defenses versus zombies, little to no defenses versus humans
1D4 (2) hours
Some floors are safe, some are not, surrounding by roving bands of zombies
1D4 (2) hours
Defenses are not the great, but the residents are nice enough
Office Complex
1D6 (3) hours
Poorly organized community with a Lord of the Flies feel to it
Police Station
1D4 (2) hours
Less than ten people here, none are police and all of the weapons were looted days ago

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