Monday, April 16, 2012

2 quick game ideas

I cleaned a notebook this evening. I removed old in-game notes and two ideas for WoD games. I thought to share them here, in case anyone can use them.

The Country Wolf and the City Wolf
Campaign Phases
Born of Night
Born of Fire
Grande Scheme
War of Supernaturals
Unholy Alliance
Corruption of the Person and the Soul

Country Wolves against Country Mages
City Wolves allied with Techno Mages
Royal Wolves and Traditional Mages have no alignments
City Wolves and Techno Mages against Camarilla
Camarilla against Sabbat
Anarchs against Camarilla
Anarchs influenced by Sabbat
Lasombra usurper influences Camarilla
All wolves aligned with other wolves
All mages aligned with other mages

The Story
The Garou make a two point attack. The first attack is on the Country Chantry. They hope to reclaim it from the mages who currently control it: Verbena, Dreamspeakers, and Euthanatos.

At the same time, the City Wolves will lead an assault on the Kindred. The Royal Wolves will be more involved (and welcomed) in this attack, as compared to the Country Wolves and their attack. The Techno Chantry is unaware of the attack on the Country Chantry and will assist the City Wolves as requested.

These activities stay out of the media for the first few nights (actions?). The younger, more brazen Garou will eventually do something that will attract the attention of the media. This, in turn, will clue in supernatural hunters and potentially forewarn the Techno Chantry against the City Wolves’ activities.

Sidebar Note
This last paragraph may be a good point in which to introduce the cast to the story. They could be caught up in one of the fights in a public place. Whichever side of the fight they become more exposed to, should be Kindred and opposed to the current prince or aligned with the usurper.

Within a week’s time, the Sabbat will hear of the situation and begin to make moves against the Kindred of the city. They will influence the Anarchs into taking actions against the Camarilla proper. Said actions will be mostly ineffective. They only serve as a smoke-screen in which the Sabbat can move.

All Sabbat attacks will avoid the Lasombra pretender. However, a severe attack will take out one of the pretender’s entourage. This is done in an effort to not leave the pretender out of the fight in the eyes of the other Kindred.

At this point, there is now a war on three fronts. Whoever controls the local law enforcement will use them as cover to go after the other supernaturals. The same will happen with the local crime groups.

The media will spin stories about the city’s rough days during prohibition and how those days may be coming back to haunt the city.

All of this will build to a head and result in the current prince dying and the usurper taking control of the local Camarilla.*

The wolves should gain the Country Chantry. However, the City Wolves will suffer serious losses, in both power and physical territory.

The mages will gain power overall. While they will lose the Country Cottage, they will gain in-roads in several places around the city. They will firmly place themselves as potential rivals to the Kindred for overall control of the city.

*Caveat: If, through role playing, the first prince is able to survive the various attacks, the usurper will set themselves up as a second prince in the city.

Ghost Town Idea
The most powerful Mage in the city, a member of the Order of Hermes, is beginning to take over the local reality. Several places in town are more like their “dark” Umbra counterparts that what would be expected.

The gateways into the shadow realm are different than standard Umbra gateways. Slipping sideways simply happens. Over time, the gateways become reality, overpowering and replacing the known Near Umbra. (How will it affect Chantries and Cairns?)

The Order of Hermes is trying to take over the city, in all aspects. They are brokering deals with other supernaturals. The idea is to solidify their power and completely take over the controls.