Monday, August 20, 2007

Upcoming Projects

I'm listing these here, as they are off the beaten path. Hell, if you read this and your blog isn't linked to from here, speak up. I'm curious as to who else comes here to read. No worries, just curious.

Eden Studios Presents 4 - finish last article and ToC, then send to George and Alex
Eden Studios Presnts 5 - begin work on
PentaCon - bill paid, now to get GMs for the event
Book of Archetypes 3 and press announcement
Return to the Worlds of the Dead and press announcement
Zombie Master Toolkit - post needs for charts
Bad guys and creatures manual - again, why do all the work myself. submissions anyone?
Beaver City
Zombie Survival Stories
Book of War
Necropolis Ascendant
Post-Apoc Zombie book

GenCon Days 2-4

I got real busy, real tired, and damned lazy. Here's a summary of the rest of the event.

Picked up Soloman Kane\. SK is just too beautiful to not buy it. I didn't go for the t-shirt and prints package for an extra $50 though.

I picked up gifts for the girls, Jannine, and little Max.

Had a couple of nice dinners, one at St. Elmo's - veddy veddy nice.

Hung out with Tommy at the Safe House. Be sure to keep an eye out for your guardian angel.

Looked in on the Black and White Dance - was veddy veddy frightened.

Met Jaime Chambers. Threatened to steal his employees if he kept using ours.

Thought up more projects to work on, including a genre book we haven't done or started. doh!

George was gyped out of a chance to win the big prize for the Hal0clix tourney. BASTARDS!

Friday, August 17, 2007

GenCon Day 1

Picked up new products - Victoriana (new edition, much larger and more expensive) and Colonial Gothic - check check
Decent day in sales - check
Ate gratuitous dinner at the Ram so I don't have to eat there the rest of the week - check
Met and hung out with two of my authors - checkity check
Drank someone else's beer all night for free - CHECK!

Now, the hall is the same size as last year. However, this year there is a large contingent of electronic companies taking up space and an artists'/authors' row that is taking up 1/4 to 1/3 of the hall. That, to me, is interesting. I think it shows the glut of d20/OGL companies are gone and the "indie" folks who don't realize they are indie are gone. The number of legit looking anime and movie dealers is up. The number of clothing/weapon dealers is about the same. (I believe Pennsic ended last week.)

So, uhm, yeah, very interesting.

Saw Gina, Fritz, and Robbie.

Saw an unopened box of Tannhauser. OMFG it looks beautiful! I want to put the material into an rpg setting.

I'm 99% sure the Starcraft boardgame is sold out.

Soloman Kane won't be available until today at noon. Shane, being the geek he is, hasn't even seen it.

The BSG book looks like ass. They had an intern do the lay out. Picture the Serenity book without some common sense. Very little art. Very expensive book - $45 I think - and maybe 256 pages at most.

Buffy core books are half price at the Eden booth. Magic Box is most likely officially sold out, unless some come back from the book trade. Not likely.

There's a new zombie board game out, it's $50. It looks a heckuva lot better than anything Twilight ever put out for Zombies!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

GenCon Day 0

Arrive and get into hotel room with G and the boys - check
Booth is set up - check.
Discover big announcement will be about 4e - check.
Discuss new ideas with G about future products - check.
Copy of AtZ is mine - check.
Did the Diana Jones Awards - check.
Chased out of Diana Jones Awards due to fire in the building - check.

Oh yeah, this is going to be an interesting year.