Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quantum of Solace and War Zone

First off, the trailer for Watchmen is showing before QoS in England - but not in my neck of the woods, here across the pond. I'm jealous, but still love my island friends. No really, it's okay. ;)

Anyways, for those of you heading to see Quantum, I have some advice for you. (No worries, no spoilers here.) First of all, it's still the new Bond. No crazy gimmick devices. Sure, I miss Q Division, but not that much. Second, this is a continuation of the story begun in Casino Royale (the movie, not the original story by Ian Fleming). Third, there is a tonne of action in this film. Lots and lots and lots of action. Fourth, the theme song is alright by me.

I enjoyed it. It was, in my mind, not better than Casino Royale. That doesn't bother me. There were some weak points, but I'll not point them out. If you don't notice them, all the better for you, I say.

* * *

Punisher War Zone can come out anyday, now. While I wish TJ was again portraying Frank Castle, I'll settle for a new actor. Can he really be as bad as Lundgren? No, really. The movie looks darker, more nasty in its adjudication of the bad guys. Now, I've honestly not read up on this movie after hearing TJ wouldn't be in it. However, while researching Marvel Comics today, I came across something that made me take note. War Zone is being released by Marvel Knights Pictures. MKP will function the same way that the Marvel Knights comics function. MKP will make movies for mature audiences.

I just hope the movie doesn't tank, as it's been plagued by production delays.