Thursday, March 6, 2014

What I am reading, running, playing, planning, producing, and othercrazy ideas (updated as needed)

What I should be doing
Maps and layout for an adventure from Elf Lair Games
Layout on a supplement for Elf Lair Games
Writing up an one shot for Night's Black Agents
Writing up 40 different appetizers for All Flesh Must Be Eaten and potentially Rotworld
A second one shot for Night's Black Agents
A Games Day event in the South Bend area

What I’m reading


What I'm reading next
Whenever Craig Johnson wants to put out more Longmire books, I'm game. Until then...


What I’m running

What I would like to run or play
Investigation Special Unit #3 where law enforcement investigates the supernatural. It’s a home brew setting. One was set in Chicago, another in Miami. See WoD Y1 notes below in the Crazy Ideas section. 


What I’m playing

Crazy ideas that might make good games


Ashen Stars + Firefly where the players take on the role of Lazers trying to bring justice to the frontier. It turns the setting as is on its head. I know this. I have run 2 or 3 campaigns set in the ‘verse and can’t see doing it again without a major rewrite. I ran it straight and with a heavy Deadlands influence. Time for something different. Time for a Firefly product that actually combines sci-fi and western tropes. I have not seen Monica's book, hers may do just that. Then, there's...

World of Darkness Year One:  The characters exist in a world where supernatural creatures are coming out in public. A “year one” story line, if you will. They would most likely portray law enforcement or a private security firm hired to deal with crimes committed by supernatural denizens. This is discussed in the Mirrors supplement, but I have my own take on it. I started discussing it here and here. I could do this via old WoD, new WoD, or Unisystem.


Runaways + The Runaways + BubbleGUMSHOE
or just Runaways + BubbleGUMSHOE using Mutant City Blues to supplement powers

What's been completed
What I am reading:  Streets of Bedlam, Deadlands Noir

And here's Steve's list