Monday, July 14, 2008

A Real Update

It's a long one folks. Grab a brew (alcoholic or not), kick back, and read on. The quick table of contents would be something like:

Fall Guy
King's Island
4th of July
GH: Aerosmith

So, where to start, neh? How about Saturday?

I spent a great day on-set of Harvey Putter as a Fall Guy. Tim invited me out to play the part of a Death Editor. I hear that the equivelent in the Harry Potter films is a Death Eater. No clue. Anyways, I'm now in plenty of pain. No, there was no full contact, mano-a-mano fight work for me to do. Oh, no, my gentle reader-folk. We were slinging spells across the warehouse of doom, fighting it out via special effects yet to be witnessed by mortal eyes.

Somewhere during the start I got the crazy idea that I needed to do some wacked out, crazy thing, to upstage all other folk on-set with my crazy skills. Yep, 3 crazies, 1 sentence, it's crA-Azy. And this idea of mine was to introduce a tumble roll through my fellow bad-guys avoiding spell-blasts and hiding behind gaylords.

Now, for those of you not into film-making, let me explain something to you. When you shoot an action sequence, you shoot every single second of it from 4+ angles - warm up-walk throughs, show it to the director of the photography live shot, shot it to the movie director live shot, show it to the producer live shot, several master shots (2+), shots from each point of the fight's angles (7+), several wide angle shots of portions of the fight (4+), action shots (2+ this weekend), and we didn't even get to the, "Hey, this would look bad ass, let's figure out how to shoot it," shots.

Yeah, I did that tumble through the magic wand fight bunches of times. a suit and tie...

...under a trench coat...

...with a latex mask on...

...and make-up...

...on a concrete floor.

And I loved it. Unfortunately, I managed to irritate my old work injury. You know, the one where I was t-boned at 50mph. Don't remember that story? I can find it for you and link it - or you can go back a few years and ready it. It's probably titled Too Stupid to Die, or something like that. I've also got a pinched nerve in my left upper arm, right forearm, back, and a few other places.

The fight scenes went well. The crew was plentiful and helpful and willing to work with us! Tim and Jed were more organized than I expected them to be, neither one moreso than the other. We just weren't as organized as we wanted to be on Dork of the Rings.

Edige's Mutant & Masterminds game is over. We had a great time. We may get back together in the fall for more, but no guarantees. He's sent over a set of rules he wants several of us to read through and potentially test for the True20 rules set.

Kaiju's True20 pirate game continues on. We've had some more combat and gathered more guns and items of mystery. It's a great game and gives me a chance to chat with Kaiju's wife. Always great to see these two.

The day before July 4th, I picked up Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. This same very day was a game of Kaiju's pirate game. So, I had to leave it, unplayed, at home, while I was at Kaiju's. But after that I came home and beat it on medium level in about 4 hours. =D Since then, I've also beat it on easy.

I enjoyed the fact that the game got progressively harder as it went along. The other GHs felt as if they didn't get harder or they would jump in difficulty for no apparent reason. This one was much better scaled. The notes to be played also made more sense than any other version. The down for me was that I don't like Aerosmith that much. They're okay, but not all that. And video game Steven Tyler is much, much more frightening than real life Tyler. Really, he is.

However, Mott the Hoople's All the Young Dudes made up for everything else I didn't like on the album.

The house is falling apart. I have a gutter falling away from the top of my house (above the second floor), a window that has completely cracked through, and a screen door that has ripped off the hinges. *sigh*

All in all, things are good and I'm looking forward to some things in life.