Sunday, April 27, 2008

Six Demon Bag, Ivy, and GenCon Indy update

So, the original script for Big Trouble in Little China was a western. Anyone have a copy? This was before Richter was brought on to rewrite it, which was before John Carpenter was brought in.

Speaking of Carpenter, he has three movies in the works. Psychopath. may be the first to see the light of day, even if IMDB doesn't have a listing for it.

In other news, I have discovered the joy of poison ivy. Damn this shit itches. I think I had a very small case of it last year. Otherwise, this would be my first experience with it. I've got some good meds (least I think so) and they are helping a lot.

And finally, for those not weak of heart, I bring you the latest from GenCon Indy...pole dancing as a class. I kid you not. Yes, it's already sold out. Yes, they list a weight limit for participants.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Magnificent Sound

I'm watching The Magnificent Sevent on AMC. Sure, it's got commercials, but it's a great classic.

When I was a kid, my little brother bought the soundtrack for the movie on tape. I listened to it all the time. That faded in a couple of months and then it was my "go to" album when I needed it. I don't remember the emotion associated with it, but there was one. Anyways.

I remember more of the music than I do of the film. Sure, I remember the film, what it was about, and who died/didn't die in the final fight sequence. But I remember the chord structures, when the gunshots sound during the soundtrack, and which theme is associated with which situations.

Yet, I don't remember the kid infiltrating Eli Wallach's bandito camp. I don't remember the gunslinger having nightmares. I don't remember there being two gunfights with the banditos.

I guess this is just further proof I should have stuck with music as a career, or further proof that I associate most everything with music. Either way, I find it an interesting bit of psychological nonsense.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

nWoD and VtR sale

I picked these books up and I just can't get into them. They seem really cool, though. If interested, make an offer. They are all in good or better condition. All are hard cover. I'll list the msrp for those that may not know or be clued in to such things.

nWoD core book - $25 when I purchased it, I believe it now goes for $35
NWoD Antagonists - $25
nWoD Second Sight - $25
nWoD Book of Spirits - $30

Vampire the Requiem core book - $35