Monday, November 3, 2014

Book of Media Archetypes?

In case you need inspiration for your All Flesh Must Be Eaten games until the next Book of Archetypes is produced, I give you a list of characters from various media sources.

Media Source Character Weapon of Choice Description
Left 4 Dead Louis SMG, .50 cal pistol Systems analyst, friendly, leg wound
Left 4 Dead Francis Shotgun Hell's Legion MC, tall, 1%er
Left 4 Dead Bill Assault Rifle Vietnam Vet in his 50s, Special Forces Group, smokes
Left 4 Dead Zoey Dual 9mm College student for movie making, father was a cop, emotional
Left 4 Dead 2 Nick SMG, Assault Rifle Gambler, drifter, hates the current wolrd situation
Left 4 Dead 2 Coach Shotgun, Chainsaw High school PE instructor, from Savanagh, likes food, religious, knee wound from college football
Left 4 Dead 2 Ellis Hunting Rifle, Grenade Launcher mechanic, goofy personality
Left 4 Dead 2 Rochelle SMG, Assault Rifle Associate producer for local news station in Savanagh, realistic viewpoint
The Walking Dead tv series Andrea .40 cal pistol from her father, .22 cal rifle Civil rights attorny
The Walking Dead tv series Daryl Dixon Crossbow, big ass knife survivalist, reluctant leader
The Walking Dead tv series Sergeant Abraham Ford M4, shotgun  
The Walking Dead tv series Rosita Espinosa Uzi In a relationship with Abraham
The Walking Dead tv series Beth Greene   younger sister, watches over the children
The Walking Dead tv series Hershel Greene pacifist Veterinarian, farmer, religious, former alcoholic
The Walking Dead tv series Maggie Greene   tomboy, farmer's daughter
The Walking Dead tv series Carl Grimes Pistol with silencer disfunctional youth
The Walking Dead tv series Judith Grimes   baby
The Walking Dead tv series Lori Grimes .38 revolver Devoted cop's wife
The Walking Dead tv series Rick Grimes .44 magnum revolver Sherriff, everyman, sharpshooter
The Walking Dead tv series Dale Horvath .22 rifle Former car salesman, 2nd guesses other people's choices, calm, worldly
The Walking Dead tv series Michonne Katana Cold hearted survivor
The Walking Dead tv series Carol Peletier   Abused wife, dependent, puts others first, teaches children how to fight and kill zombies
The Walking Dead tv series Dr. Eugene Porter pacifist Knows the cause, headed to Washington, D.C. for the cure
The Walking Dead tv series Sasha    
The Walking Dead tv series Gabriel Stokes    
The Walking Dead tv series Bob Stooky   Army medic, created vaccines for the group, alcoholic
The Walking Dead tv series Tyrese    
The Walking Dead tv series Shane Walsh 9mm pistol Sherriff's deputy, egotistical, bloodlust
The Walking Dead tv series Otis   Ranch hand
The Walking Dead tv series Patricia   Vet Tech
The Walking Dead tv series Axel   Inmate in for armed robbery
The Walking Dead tv series Oscar   Inmate in for breaking and entering
The Walking Dead tv series Big Tiny   Inmate, muscle in the prison gang, but a gentle giant
The Walking Dead tv series Tomas   Inmate, prison gang leader
The Walking Dead tv series Andrew   Inmate, 2nd in command of the gang
Z Nation Roberta Warren   National Guard
Z Nation Pfc. Simon Curller aka Citizen Z   NSA gvmnt employee at outpost "Northern Lights"
Z Nation Murphy aka Patient Zero   Resentful, frail, former convict
Z Nation Addison "Addy" Carver   Wanderer
Z Nation Mack Thompson   Wanderer
Z Nation Steven Beck aka Doc   Not a real doctor, creative with meds
Z Nation 10k   Young male, proficient with firearms and projectiles, out to kill as many zombies as possible
Z Nation Cassandra   Young woman with a secretive past
Z Nation Sgt Charles Garnett   National Guard
Z Nation Lt Mark Hammond   Delta Force survivor
Dead Island Sam B Blunt weapons Rapper from NOLA, troubled past, history with drugs/alcohol, self-confident and proud
Dead Island Xian Mei Bladed weapons Hotel receptionist and spy for the Chinese government
Dead Island Logan Carter Throwing knives Former football star, killed a woman who was his passenger in a street race, and fractured his knee
Dead Island Purna   Ex-police force officer from New South Wales, lost her job when she shot and wounded a child molester, became a bodyguard fro VIPs in dangerous places all over the world, attractive
Dead Island John Sinamoi   Lifeguard
Dead Island Mowen    Smuggler in the Carribean Isles
Dead Island Yerema    Pacific islander local
Dead Island Kevin / Charon Overture   Tech savvy prisoner, terrorist hacker
Dead Island Ryder White   Colonel in the Australian Army overseeing the bombing of bridges to slow the infection
Dead Island 2 John Morgan Hand to hand Vacationing sergenat of the Australian Defence Force
Dead Island 2 Ryan Sledgehammer Volunteer firefighter
Dead Rising Brad Garrison   DHS
Dead Rising Dr. Russell Barnaby   Geneticist with a background in cattle
Dead Rising Otis Washington   Elderly mall janitor
Dead Rising Ed DeLuca   Helicopter pilot
Dead Rising 2 Chuck Greene   Motocross champion
Dead Rising 2 Stacey Forsythe   Leader of a branch of the "Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality"
Dead Rising 2 Rebecca Chang   Reporter
Dead Rising 2 Tyrone "TK" King   Antagonist, runs his kingdom with zombie gladiator fights
Dead Rising 2 Marian Mallon   Company director, doctor of bionetics, claims to have the cure but refuses to share it because humanity doesn't deserve it
Dead Rising 2 Harjit Singh   Chief of security
Dead Rising 3 Nick Ramos   Mechanic, orphan, scared, na├»ve, difficulty acting under pressure, "patient zero"
Dead Rising 3 Rhonda Kreske   Runs an autoshop, amputed arm
Dead Rising 3 Dick Baker   Truck driver, comic relief / wise cracker
Dead Rising 3 Gary Finkel   Mobster, ex-wrestler
Dead Rising 3 Sonya Paddock   President of the USA based on Sarah Palin
NotLD Ben   Real life a distinguished gentleman and former university professor
NotLD Barbara   Commercial and stage actress, does her own stunts
NotLD Bill Cardille   Show runner