Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Future Conspiracy X products?

As I contemplate new material for Conspiracy X, I have questions for fans, directors, and players...

Who here is running or has run the game? Original system or Unisystem?

What is the elevator pitch for your game? What was the game about? Alien cover ups, monster of the week, government conspiracy fighting the opposition, psychics fighting other psychics, straight action ala Mission Impossible, etc?

If you were to run the game or are currently running the game, what would you like to do with it? What type of supplements would help you run that game?

As a player, what type of supplements would you like to see for the game?

What other RPG material do you pull from when you run Conspiracy X? Chill, Delta Green, Dark Conspiracy, Spycraft, etc.

Which tv shows and movies do you pull ideas from for your games?