Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I'm not reading

Not too much, actually. I started The Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps, but it's painful. I mentioned it here. I'm done with trying to read it. I don't know how far I made it into the book, but it's just too dreadful to continue reading. Less than 100 pages, I know that much.

No rpg books lately. My rpg world is in a standstill. This idea looks odd, could be good could be bad, but I'd have to read it first.

I'm in the mood for some horror. I hear The Thing "prequel" is pants. That's too bad, the trailers looked nice. I will have to catch it on Redbox. Zombies sound tasty. Maybe I'll Redbox The Walking Dead this weekend. 6 episodes should be easy to fit in on a weekend afternoon. Or, I could introduce PJ to Millenium. The weather today reminded me of season one.

A zombie rpg sounds like fun, too. Maybe I should look into running a miniseries? I have plenty of rpg systems to choose from: AFMBE, Storyteller, Pathfinder, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Dark Heresy, Obsidian, or even Human Occupied Landfill. I've contemplated running something set in the world of Left 4 Dead. Word on the interwebs is they are working on a 3rd game. I heard Dead Island was crap. (Guess I'll pick up Batman once we bore of Gears of War 3). Maybe I'll just outline it and post it here.

That and all the other zombie stuff I've written, but not published.

In past years, I've spent time reading Lovecraft around this time of year. Before him, it was Bradbury. I find myself not all that interested in reading them this year. I don't know why. The taste is there at the back of my tongue, waiting.

What I am reading is two things. The first is Lowell Francis' Robot Zero. Everyone who knows me knows that I am not a huge fan of classic, 4 color, super hero stuff. I like darker comics, more sarcastic comics, or just not super hero comics. Lowell fills two of those voids for me with this series.

The thing I'm reading is Glen Cook's Chronicles of the Black Company. I have less than 200 pages left in the third book, The White Rose. I'm not sure if I will continue on after this one. I need some pick up and go with this story. It is slowing down too much for me. The first book was slow, but gave me a solid feeling about the setting and the characters. I don't need that now, I need action. I'm getting setting history. I've heard the rpg for this series was good. I may pick it up one of these years if I see it in the 2nd hand pile for sale.

The Black Company series is not horror, but it has some horrible characters in it. It is a gritty look at a fantasy campaign at the trench level. Where I loved George RR Martin's A Game of Thrones for being a great top-down approach to storytelling great characters, this series is more of a bottom-up approach.

Hey look, I finally posted something in October.