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Coyote and Crow rpg

tl/dr at the end

The game was written and produced by people indiginous to the Americas. That right there is why I backed the book on KS. 

The game System is a dice pool system using d12s. It's like WoD on crack. There are some nice nuances to it, but nothing you wouldn't see in many modern rpgs. 

The science of the setting is 10 minutes into the future, maybe 20 minutes. There are cyberpunk elements like robotic hands.

The setting itself is, "What if white man never showed up in the Americas, because of some sort of global event?"

Now let's discuss what the book needs: a product developer, an editor, and a smaller font size.

I don't know what the deal is with using large fonts in rpgs, but I am not a fan. Yes, it's an aesthitic thing, but my preference is for smaller, cleaner fonts.

The book lacks the focus an individual developer, or even a duo. Everyone is having their say and quite often, that "say" is repeated throughout the book an inordinate number of times. Everytime technology is mentioned, they remind us that many things in the world are created on their version of 3d printers. I don't need this mentioned every single time. Work it into flavor the text once per chapter at most and then go whole hog in the Equipment or History chapter. 

The authors of the book spend a good amount of time telling the reader how horrible our world is. I mean, they aren't wrong, but I would say it is mentioned on average once per four pages.

They spend a lot time reminding the reader how much different the game's world is to ours, but that it is exactly the same. There is no form of currency, but there is. They aren't going to provide in-depth background on the monetary/trade system, but do so for several pages. 

The authors make sure they tell non-indigenous what they are not allowed to do in game at every opportunity. "Hey indigenous people, work in your people's culture here. White folk, don't do anything related to indigenous people. Insert some white folk stuff that isn't too racist and use that." This occurs often enough, that I am reminded I am a racist, horrible person and I helped enslave/destroy/continue to destroy indigenous culture. 

Newsflash! I'm third generation born in the USA. My people came here because the same people that ruined the Americas were also ruining Europe and they were looking for a better place to live. To the best of my knowledge, they did not do anything to harm the indigenous people of the Americas (including those in Canada and the USA). My grandmother's sister would answer "human" when asked about her race. I'm sure there is/was racism in my family. I know I've made mistakes in my past. An rpg is not the place I want to hash out my personal and familial issues.

I understand that indigenous people were proper fucked by non-indigenous people and that current laws are still fucking them over. However, the people responsible for that are highly unlikely, in my opinion, to buy this book. I guess they might, but why? Also, take their money and use it to fight them. 

Apparently, I'm not the only one with this opinion, because the company's website has an article on allowing white people to play the game. The producers are quite tired of how white people are reacting to the book. It looks like not only are the standard white people an issue, but so are the woke white people, as well. Look, more double speak.

I didn't expect this book to teach me about indigenous cultures. I have books on that. I expected this book to teach me about the cultures in this setting. I didn't get that. Instead, I got "no white man stuff" and "work in your own culture's material". Again, a lack of focus to provide me a solid place to build from. 

tl/dr: I didn't care for the book and I'll sell it to you for $60 with media mail shipping. Or you can get just the .pdf from a white man website for $25.

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I Want a New Drug

The following is designed for use with Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars, but will work with any variant of the oldest school game. GMs and players interested in learning more about Night Shift should check out Elf Lair Games

The following text is copyright 2022 Derek Stoelting


“Clootie” is a new type of psilocybin available for drug users. The product appears to be a black oily substance. According to dealers, they make the drug by boiling the mushrooms. The liquid is then cooled with nitrogen and divided into vials for distribution. Ingestion is through the eye. Users can either inject the substance directly into their eye with a needle or use an eye dropper.

 The drug opens the user up to possession by demons. Users report feelings of euphoria, out of body experiences, and that they are not in control of their own bodies. Many claim they live out their deepest and darkest desires while on clootie. Others report meeting angels and feeling “the light” open them up to absolute bliss.

 The drug is actually made from the bodies of clootie demons, not mushrooms.

Clootie Drug

Users of clootie succumb to a penalty to resist demonic possession or banish demons equal to -40% for 1d4 hours, just from using the drug. If there are clootie demons in the area, their affects are in addition to the drug’s affect. For example, Jimmie the Junkie uses clootie and a demon possesses him. Kim the Psychic wants to try and banish the demon within the 1d4 hour timeframe. Kim starts at a penalty of -40% to her basic Psychic ability. If there are three clootie demons within ten feet of Jimmie the Junkie, Kim suffers an additional penalty of -25%. This brings the penalty to banish the possessing demon to -65%.

After the drug wears off, the user must make a Constitution Saving Throw at a -1 penalty or become addicted to the drug. Any future use adds an additional -1 penalty to the difficulty to resist addiction. So, if Jimmie the Junkie takes a hit today, the difficulty to resist addiction to Clootie is -1. If Jimmie the Junkie resists and then uses clootie again in four days, the penalty to resist becomes -2. The role to resist addiction is not modified by clootie demon’s Influence Possession ability, nor a possessing demon’s presence or lack of presence.

In addition to the penalty to resist addiction, for every -5 worth of penalties, the character’s Constitution score drops by two. Hit points per level are negatively affected by this modifier.

Once the user is addicted, they must pass 20 consecutive Constitution Saving Throws (one attempt per day is allowed) to become unaddicted. This roll is modified by the current penalty to resist addiction. For each consecutive day the character resists addiction, the penalty decreases by one. If, at any point, the test is failed, the addiction penalty is re-set. Example: Jimmie the Junkie is at a -10 penalty to resist addiction and enters rehab. Each day his player rolls a Constitution Saving Throw with a -10 modifier. The second day he passes the test, it becomes a -9 modifier. The third day, it is a -8 modifier. However, if on the fourth day the player fails the roll, the modifier is re-set to -10.

Once the user passes 20 consecutive Constitution Saving Throws, their Constitution will begin to recover to its original score at a rate of one per month. Spells and special abilities may modify the rate of recover. Hit points per level are positively affected by the return of the Constitution score. 

Clootie Demons

Clooties are a class I demon. Their primary purpose to lower human resistance to demonic influence. This purpose functions as a power that is always on.

Clooties are tall and skinny humanoids. They do not have a corporeal form and give off a ghost-like vibe to those who can see them. They appear to be dressed in rags that flap in the wind, regardless of there being any wind present. Their faces are blank with round, black eye sockets and a round, black hole for a mouth. Most clooties are a shade of red, but they can choose any/all colors they wish for appearance. The mystical wind that makes their rags flap is their means of flight as they are devoid of wings. 

Class I Demon
No. Appearing: 1-4
AC: 5
Move: 30 ft., fly 50 ft.
Hit Dice: 2 (8 hp)
Special: 2 attacks (claw and/or bite), Immortal, Demonic Immunities, Demonic Resistances, Telepathy, Demonic Vulnerability, and Influence Possession (see below)
XP Value: 51

Influence Possession: this demonic ability is “always on.” It provides a penalty equal to -15% to anyone attempting to resist demonic possession or banish a demon within a ten foot radius. Each additional clootie within the same ten foot radius provides an additional -5% penalty. Clooties do not have the ability to possess any creature with a Willpower score higher than zero. 

Using Clootie in Your Game 

I Want a New Drug

Demonic possession is seeing a continuing spike of activity. Cast members who interview anyone that survives the demonic possession or their acquaintances discover those possessed are drug addicts who use mescaline, LSD, and/or magic ‘shrooms. These survivors will claim to be able to see angels, gain superhuman strength, grow claws, etc. Investigating related crime scenes backs up their claims regarding improved muscle mass and weird abilities. Anyone they claim to have talked to that was an angel or demon shows up as a normal person on camera (unless your Night World has different rules). GMs are encouraged to use the demonic possession rules starting on page 146 of the Night Companion.

Interviewing low level drug dealers will provide bare minimum information about what is going on. They know the drug is called clootie, but have no idea who is making it for the street or that demons are involved. With enough arm-twisting, they will provide the name of their distributor. Talking to enough distributors garners the name “Blue” or “Double Dee” as someone in charge of distributing the new drug.

Blue was approached by Devon Morgorm to develop the new drug. Devon spent time in the criminal community, learning about the trade and those producing product. At the time Devon approached Blue, Blue was working for a man known simply as “Double Dee.”  While Blue relished the thought of introducing a new drug to the streets, Double Dee was not as keen. He wanted guarantees.

Devon provided those guarantees by possessing Double Dee’s body and setting Blue to work. At first, Devon provided clooties for experimentation, but eventually taught Blue how to design a scientific device that would summon clooties. The development process took months to perfect. Today, clootie sales represent one-fourth of Double Dee’s income.

Devon eventually released his hold on Double Dee. Double Dee understands his new role as a servant of Devon Morgorm. He knows that Devon’s name is only an approximation to its demonic name. He also understands that if he steps out of line, Devon will step in and control his body once more.

Diabolical Hoodoo

One of Devon’s goals is to make clootie users available to other demons. As it happens, a demon using the moniker “Cassie” is looking to build up a bit of an army. She’s made a pact with Devon for a supply of clootie users in return for money sent to the Double Dees. Cassie could care less about money.

Cassie is looking for a promotion from her boss. 3,000 years ago, she and her band of warriors were banished from Earth, unable to return in physical form. Since then, she has worked to regain the trust and confidence of her baal, Chemosh. Her plan is to bring all of her warriors back to Earth inside the bodies of Clootie users and destroy as much as they can before being struck down. Naturally, the city Cassie has chosen is the one where the characters live.

As the amount of destruction increases, the cast members will begin to notice news reports of a gang that is destroying buildings, driving cars through crowded, civilian areas, and firing assault rifles at “rival” gangs that also happen to kill (mostly) innocent bystanders. They will eventually target law enforcement officers, lawyers, and judges. These victims will be ambushed, tortured, and left to be found by the public. Members of Cassie’s army might even call some of their victims into various news agencies if the demon is particularly proud of their handiwork.

The cast members need to find where Cassie’s army is staging, find some way to banish them and her back to Hell, and then track down the source of the drug in the bodies they were possessing to put a stop to that mass.

Cassie’s army is composed of class II and class III demons. GMs can use standard demons from Night Shift or if they want to change things up, use the first two levels of demons from the Night Companion. Cassie is a class IV demon with a chip on her shoulder and a lot to prove.

Clootie NPCs


Cassie is a class IV demon inhabiting the body of a druggie. The human shell was not very durable when she inhabited it. However, she has made improvements on the chassis since then. Her primary goal is chaos, destruction, and conflict. Anything she and her warriors can do to cause all of that, and a lot of death, she is all about. Only Chemosh and “Cassie” know her true name.

Remember, these are demons. They are not going to play nice. If their physical shell is destroyed, they don’t leave Earth. They simply go find another clootie user to inhabit. To get rid of them semi-permanently, they will need to banish the demons back to Hell. For now, these demons will be slaughtering the innocent, skinning sinners alive, and melting faces. Good luck with that.

Class IV demon
No. Appearing: 1
AC: 2
Move: 40 ft.
Hit Dice: 16d8 (64 hp)
Special: 4 attacks (2 claws, bite, tail), Demon abilities (Immortal, Immunities, Resistances, Telepathy, and Vulnerability), Summon Class I demon 80%, Summon Class II demon 75%, Summon Class III demon 60%, and Summon Class IV demon 50%
XP Value: 2,048,000


Devon is a class III demon who was once an Ishim. Instead of lending aid and comfort to humans, Devon provides corruption and harm. Information about Ishim is located in the Night Companion. Devon’s true name is “deamhan mòr gorm.”

Only Double Dee and Blue know that Devon is a demon.

Class III Fallen Ishim Demon
No. Appearing: 1
AC: 3
Move: 30ft.
Hit Dice: 11d8 (44 hp)
Special: 3 attacks (claws and bite), Demon Abilities (Immortal, Immunities, Resistances, Telepathy, and Vulnerability), Summon Class I demon (75%), Summon Class II demon (60%), Summon Class III demon (50%)
XP Value: 42,240

The Double Dees Gang

Double Dee is a gang lord. He has close to 200 people he can call upon to do his bidding. Below Double Dee in the org chart are his lieutenants. Each lieutenant oversees a specific criminal enterprise. In the Double Dees, those enterprises include killing for the gang, drug production, drug sales, murder for hire, and credit card fraud. Under each lieutenant are two levels. The first level are standard gang members. These are the people who set up trap houses, pose as bodyguards, watch over the slaves making the drugs, and commit fraud. Above them are the specialists. These are the shooters who never miss, drug dealers who make large sales, the heads of different drug production facilities, and those who teach others how to commit fraud.

The people who make the drugs are considered slaves. They have no gang rights, are often illegal immigrants or people the gang dislikes enough to want to torture through the process, and all slaves have zero living value to the gang. They are replaceable.

Symbols used by the gang include tattoos of two letter Ds connected or one letter D inside another (larger) letter D. The gang’s colors are purple and gold. Sports attire consists of the Lakers, Vikings, and Kings.

The gang has a working relationship with the Almighty Vice Lord Nation.

Double Dee
No. Appearing: 1
AC: 6
Move: 30 ft.
Hit Dice: 8d8 (32 hp)
Special: Two attacks per round (firearms or punching), Kevlar-reinforced leather body armor, typically surrounded by 1d10 Shooters of which 30% are armed with converted to fully automatic rifles, 20% are armed with shotguns, and the rest are armed with semi-automatic pistols.
XP Value: 960

No. Appearing:
AC: 8
Move: 30 ft.
Hit Dice: 7d6 (21 hp)
Special: Clootie Summoning Device, Clootie Boiling Devices, Science! as per the Inventor ability, one attack per round (firearms or punching), Gang Followers
XP Value: 960

Gang Followers: Blue typically travels with 4d4 gang members who are typically all shooters 77or specialists

Appearance: They are asexual and will respond to any sexual identity used towards them (he/she/they/other). Blue stands 185 cm tall and weighs 79 kg. They dress in a business suit with pants, and all of their clothing is a particular shade of blue. The shade may change day to day, but it is always blue and the entire outfit is always the same shade.

Signature Items: clothing

Background and Role: Until Devon’s arrival, Blue was a specialist working in the labs for Double Dee’s drug production lieutenant. Now that Devon is in charge of the gang, Blue is elevated to lieutenant. The same drug production lieutenant is still around and is in charge of everything Blue does not oversee (clootie products only).

Blue has a doctor pharmacy degree. He is much more interested in experimenting with drug combinations to see how they affect users to be a legit pharmacist. He is a perfectionist and has O.C.D. He does not do well with people who cannot perform their job in life. He operates from the west end of town.

Blue was surprised to learn that Devon was a demon. He had no previous interactions with the supernatural. He approached Devon’s species like a good scientist and is documenting everything he can as it relates to the demon. Devon is unaware of Blue’s notetaking.

Double Dees Gang Lieutenants

These are Double Dee’s trusted inner circle, or at least as much as he trusts anyone. They oversee killing for the gang, drug production, drug sales, murder for hire, and credit card fraud.

T-Bone (Tamarius Wilson)
No. Appearing:
AC: 5
Move: 30 ft.
Hit Dice: 6d6 (18 hp)
Special: all Psychic Gunslinger abilities up to level 6, two attacks per round (firearms or punching) as a 6th level Psychic Gunslinger, Incapacitate or Assassinate, Trick Shot, That Gun is Mine, Unlimited Ammo, Gang Followers
XP Value: 880

Gang Followers: T-Bone typically travels with 6d4 gang members who are typically all shooters or specialists

Appearance: T-Bone wears loose fitting black clothing such as sleeveless shirts and baggy military pants with combat boots laced half-way up the boot

Signature Items: AK-style assault rifle colored purple and gold and a silenced pistol

Background and Role: T-Bone is in charge of the shooters. These include those who perform killing that helps the gang, as well as, murder for hire contracts. T-Bone got to where he is by killing anyone who got in his way. He has zero interest in the other enterprises in the gang. Nor does he have interest in being the gang’s leader. He is quite happy leading the killers and doing a lot of the murder for hire killing himself.

Quertiz (Fisher)
No. Appearing: 1
AC: 7
Move: 30 ft.
Hit Dice: 5d4 (10)
Special: Gang Followers, one attack per round (firearms or punch), all Survivor abilities at 5th level
XP Value: 240

Gang Followers: Queritz typically travels with 3d4 gang soldiers

Appearance: Quertiz dresses very sharply in the latest street styles. He likes bright colors. He visits the barber shop at least once a week to touch up his fade.

Signature Items: high-end clothing, designer quality jewelry, money roll of $100 bills, and a gold plated, large caliber, semi-automatic pistol

Background and Role: Quertiz is a street kid through and through. He worked his way up through various gangs before finding a place with Double Dee. He oversees sales for the Double Dees. He sets regular sales goals for his people and expects them to hit those sales numbers. Those who don’t are often demoted to horrible parts of town where it is very hard to make goal. People who consistently fail to meet those goals are sent over to T-Bone’s team to function as low-level shooters (i.e., cannon fodder).

Dokter Dokter (Shawn Mckenzie)
No. Appearing: 1
AC: 7
Move: 30 ft.
Hit Dice: 5d6 (15 hp)
Special: all Inventor abilities at level 5, Gang Followers, one attack per round (firearms or punch)
XP Value: 180

Gang Followers: Dokter Dokter travels with 1d6 gang members, mostly bodyguards

Appearance: Dokter Dokter wears a chef’s jacket left over from his days working in restaurants. It is completely out of place and covered in stains. He lets his hair grow out to about four inches before having it trimmed. He keeps his facial hair long and scraggly.

Signature Items: stained chef’s jacket, several dime-bags of drugs (samples), semiautomatic pistol

Background and Role: Dokter Dokter is the head chemist for Double Dee. He was in role and mentoring Blue before Devon showed up. At first, he was irritated that Blue was getting all of the attention. However, when he learned that Blue would be stuck doing Blue’s thing and not taking over for Dokter Dokter, he stopped being concerned. Dokter Dokter splits his time evenly between overseeing production at the various locations around town and dabbling with enhancing the product. When he travels to sites, he travels with soldiers for protection.

Rashawna Wilson
No. Appearing: 1
AC: 3
Move: 30 ft.
Hit Dice: 6d6 (18 hp)
Special: Gang Followers, all Inventor abilities at level 6 with items focused on hacking and electronic security
XP Value: 320

Gang Followers: Rashawna is typically surrounded by 1d10 soldiers. Double Dee insists upon it.

Appearance: long, curly hair past her shoulders, bright blue eyes, a few teeth with gold fillings, and clothing with an African flair

Signature Items: bullet-proof vest, designer backpack containing two laptops, various portable hard drives, and make-up

Background and Role: Rashawna is Double Dee’s “baby” cousin. After spending ten years in Joliet for fraud and dealing cocaine, Double Dee put his cousin to work funding his gang. Rashawna has spent the past five years training a team of electronically-based criminals how to commit various forms of fraud. When she’s not overseeing her team, she can be found hanging out with Quertiz – something that her older cousin will not be too keen on when he finally notices it. He likes to keep his people separated.

Double Dees Gang Specialists

Specialists are the hitters among the shooters, the hackers on the fraud team, and the wizards of the chemistry team. However, outside of their chosen field, they are no better than soldiers.

Gang Specialist
No. Appearing: 1-6
AC: 5-10
Move: 30 ft.
Hit Dice: 4d8 (16 hp)
Special: at least special ability related to their function; for example, hitters might have a Psychic Gunslinger or Veteran ability and chemists may have an Inventor ability
XP Value: 70

Double Dees Gang Soldiers

These are the soldiers of Double Dee’s gang. They run trap houses, watch over production facilities, etc. There is nothing special about these people, other than their willingness to do bad things to people and the sheer amount of self-serving shit they will do for themselves.

Gang Member                                
Number Appearing:
AC: 8
Move: 30 ft.
Hit Dice: 2d8 (hp 8)
Special: One attack per round (firearms or punch)
XP Value: 15

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The Apartment

You become worried you have not heard from a good friend for more than a week. You go to the apartment building where the friend lives. It’s not in a great part of town, but it’s not the projects, either. Weird smells and odd things left in the hallways, or worse, the staircases is not uncommon.

You knock on the door. Call out to their friend. The door is locked. You bang on other doors. You yell throughout the hallway. No one answers. So, you leave.

You come back with a crowbar. You pry and bash at the door. No one objects. Eventually, the door cracks open, but a security bar blocks the door from opening. More banging. More prying. Still, no objections. Enough of the door finally gives up the ghost and you crawl under the security bar to get into the apartment. 

Your friend is dead. The body is green and bloated. Foamy blood leaks from orifices. 

You back away from the body. You call the police. They are sending someone. You collapse. 

You wake up to an ambulance technician looking down at you. Their eyes are dead. Slowly, you sit up with their help. You were lying on your friend’s floor. You snap your head around, looking for your friend.

They are not in the apartment. The police are here. So is another ambulance technician. This one’s cute. Neighbors you recognize are trying to peek through the doorway.  

Everything of personal value to your friend is gone. Only furniture and spoiled food remain, according to the police. They ask you why you broke into the apartment and don’t believe you when you tell them. 

As the dead eyed ambulance technician is checking your vitals, the property manager and head of maintenance arrive. They give you a weird look and walk through the apartment. They talk to the police in the kitchen. They leave, ignoring you on the way out. 

The cute ambulance technician helps you stand. You feel a little light headed, but are stable on your feet. 

The police tell you that you are free to go. The property manager will not be pressing charges for breaking down the door. Apparently, there is an extra door in the basement and they were planning to remodel this particular apartment next week. You don’t see the security bar anywhere. 

You leave. 

You come back the next day. The door is replaced with another door that looks exactly the same. There are no noises in the building. You yell. No one answers. You bang on doors. None of them open.

It is a good thing you brought your crowbar with you.

Text copyright Derek A. Stoelting 2022

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Mandragora Book Store

A version of this blog can be found at Elf Lair Games' blog

I wrote the starter adventure in Elf Lair Games's Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Adventure and Quick Start Kit. One of the locations in the scenario is the Mandragora Book Store. My original write-up on the Mandragora went far and above what was necessary for the scenario. I cut it down to just what was necessary for the scenario. After all, I didn't want to completely overwhelm someone new to the game!

You can read the original write-up after the photo and there's more information on the Adventure and Quick Start Kit after the gates. . . 

Landscape Photography of Gray and Brown 2 Storey House82936526 © creativecommonsstockphotos |

Mandragora Used Book Store 
Mandragora is an used book store near the university. The contents of the store are varied and wonderful. Old classics, new best sellers, and tomes oft forgotten can be found within. 

Roger Huntzer was a professor of literature at the nearby university. His book collection filled much of the Victorian home where he lived with his wife, Amanda, and their beagles, Cooshee and Banshee. He tried to keep the books somewhat organized, but as a hoarder, it did not matter due to the number of books in the house.

Roger died in his sleep at age 72 from natural causes. To help with her grief and to retain a semblance of control, Amanda began selling off his hoard of books. Not knowing where to start, she began in the kitchen where various books related to cooking were stacked on shelves, on counters, and even on the floor. Before she could sell off all of these books, she realized two things. She liked the used book trade and she was good at it!

When the house next to hers was put up for sale, Amanda quickly purchased it. She hired contractors to perform any necessary repairs to the property and began converting it into a bookstore. When the contractors finished, she began moving the book trade from her house into the new house. Now she could better organize her late husband’s collection, maintain a store front, and sell books via mail. 

The new bookstore was not nearly large enough for her late husband’s collection plus the new products she was buying to sell. So, when the house behind hers sold, she bought that, too. She then expanded the two homes until they joined and became one large building. The result is a four story (basement, ground, first, and second floor) Victorian “Frankenstein” building. The interior of the building is an endless maze of bookshelves, windowless hallways along exterior walls, stairways to even more books, and flooring that tends to sag a bit if you stay in one place too long.

The books in the property Amanda originally expanded into were transferred into the new building. She lived out of that house until she retired from the business. 

Erin Leakey
Today, the Mandragora is owned and managed by Erin Leakey. The home Amanda lived out of until her retirement has a café on the ground floor that opens up to a patio area between the buildings. The upper floors are used for managing the businesses which have expanded to not only include mail order book sales, retail sales, and the café, but also hosting private sales and procuring specific books for buyers. 

Appearance: Erin appears to be in their 30s with short, wavy, brown hair and hazel eyes. Typical dress includes oblong, wire framed glasses, blue jeans, t-shirts advertising the book store and café, and pearl jewelry. She is businesslike, but pleasant, greeting employees and most customers with a smile. 

Motivation: Erin knows that her family is not originally from this plane of existence. However, the stories her grandmother told her when she was little never mentioned where they are from. Erin’s hope is to find a text that discusses the stories her grandmother told her when she was young. To that end, she is pleasant and enjoyable to be around. However, if you waste her time, she’ll give you no time.

You can find out more about Erin Leaky and her role in Tainted Blood in the Night Shift Adventure and  Quick Start Kit. Read on for more information on the Adventure and Quick Start Kit.

Welcome to the ALL NEW Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Adventure and Quick Start Kit! Within these pages you will find everything you need to dive into your very first game of dark horror and supernatural heroics. Herein you will find:

• A complete adventure scenario by Derek Stoelting
• Several pre-generated characters representing popular archetypes from urban fantasy literature, film, and TV
• Detailed guidelines for how to use the rules to play through the adventure for both the Game Master and players
• An explanation of the O.G.R.E.S. rules system, including ability check, attack roll, class check, and Rule of 2 mechanics
• Tips on how to run (and play) an urban fantasy game

Whether you’re new to the game or just want an extra (FREE) 4th-level Night Trip scenario for your table, this kit is the perfect solution!

The plague of the Tainted Blood awaits...can YOU solve the mystery?

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Dreadful Lord of the Sluagh

 Saving this for later. . . 

Dragging behind it a two meter long sword that is 20 inches in diameter with ancient runes inlayed on the blade. The cross guard is made of orichalcum and the pommel is the skull from an ancient race of creatures no longer found on Annwn. It wields this weapon with one, giant, clawed hand. When a target is struck by the sword, the runes glow an eerie red color reminiscent of blood.

Copyright 2022 Derek Stoelting

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Locations: The 'Burbs

 The Burbs

The following are cities and towns are designed as backgrounds to your ongoing campaign. 

Location: Rivertown

Theme: Facing Evil

Population: 55,000


  1. Sheriff Lucas Coal: power hungry, Infernal of some sort, sees himself as an Old West sheriff who is the town and the town is him; signed a contract with Evil that gives him control of the town as long as he fullfils his part of the bargain and Evil tests him at every turn. He sees himself as saving the town from certain doom

  2. Samira Amani: young, Persian, develops an accent when angered or overly excited, opposes Sheriff Coal every chance she gets, active in the community

  3. Dr. Burgandy


  1. Grand River shoreline, forestry, and park

  2. Downtown shopping area: antique stores, local artists, restaurants

  3. New development community in an old part of town


  1. Something in the antique shop

  2. Something buried in the old Indian burial mound in the Grand River County Park

  3. Contents of Dr. Burgundy’s safe: Sheriff Coal’s contract, millions of dollars, or something more nefarious???


  1. Critters that live along the river and in the forestry of the area hunting visitors and occassionally locals, if they have no choice

  2. Sheriff Coal versus Samira

  3. Sheriff Coal versus the Evil with whom he signed the contract

Location: Lanark

Theme: Death and Rebirth 

Population: 35,000


  1. The Council: members include a relative of Miss Campbell, a Warlock who desires control of the Campbell farm, and others 

  2. Morganne Campbell: leader of the current witch coven in the town

  3. Malcolm Booth: Director of the Easter Village, cousin to the director of the local hospital (a sorry, one story affair)


  1. Campbell family farm: said to be home to witches in years past, includes where the two rivers come together which is a place of power

  2. Highland Marsh Trail: raised boardwalk through an inland marsh, named for the nearby (uphill) Highland Cemetary, along the eastern river and somewhat north of the city

  3. Easter Village: retirement community of good quality, along the western river


  1. Shambling Mound (Night Companion) in the Highland Marsh

  2. The number of deaths in town is equal to the number of births in the hospital, many employees at Easter Village are related to those in the Lanark Hospital

  3. New Moon Whirlpool: whirlpool forms where the rivers meet on the new moon


  1. Evil warlocks versus good witches

  2. Shambling Mound eating visitors to the march

  3. Booth is sending old people to die as sacrifices on the Campbell farm

Location: Fogwarren

Theme: Mystery

Population: 62,000


  1. Mystical Martial Artist

  2. Werecreature

  3. Monster hunter


  1. Dojo

  2. Fogwarren Pizza Palace: featured on several food travel shows

  3. State Park


  1. Blade of Jowangshin is on display at the dogo: it is a blade that will “flame on” if placed in a lit hearth

  2. Daedalan Cube (Night Companion)

  3. Satanic circle of stones in the state park


  1. Werecreature is guarding the Daedalan Cube (in the pizza palace?)

  2. Monster hunter is hunting creatures from the state park

  3. People randomly die if caught out in the fog

Location: Haven

Themes: Power & Corruption, Man vs. Society, Justice

Population: 120,000


  1. Head of a gang

  2. Street doc

  3. Corrupt police officer (psychic gunslinger?)


  1. Warehouse

  2. Nightclub

  3. Casino


  1. Film / Video proving something for the players

  2. Lucky casino chip

  3. Cursed weapon


  1. Gang on gang violence (or mobsters on mobsters)

  2. Corrupt police doing / allowing bad things to happen

  3. Politicians trying to push around innocent people

Location: Beaver City, a quaint upper midwest town

Themes: Survival, Power & Corruption, Hubris

Population: 46,000


  1. Scientist trying to get away from an evil corporation

  2. Spirit Rider 

  3. Retired actress


  1. Native American reservation

  2. Large agricultural university

  3. Closed military base


  1. Native American statue in the middle of town

  2. Locked gate under an old building, but near train tracks; no one knows where it goes and there is no way to find it from inside the old building

  3. Toxic waste in the local water


  1. Spririt Rider protecting the land from the evil corporation

  2. Evil corporation’s control of the town

  3. Animals encroaching into human living areas: bears, coyotes, buffalo, etc.

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Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars copyright 2021 Elf Lair Games, LLC and Jason Vey