Sunday, August 17, 2014

#RPGaDay #MostMemoriableCharacterDeath

Here is another hard one for me. I run so many games that it is rare that I actually play. However, this one time, I lost a character and gained a wife.

I was playing 3rd edition Vampire:  the Masquerade. I had come up with a Toreador and was working my way up through the Clan, burning down the homes and business of enemies, and getting the Malkavians to help. Then, one night, the characters were travelling through an underground tunnel. Suddenly, we were attacked by Sabbat or anarchs or something.

My character was a Toreador complete with Toreador-related skills and abilities. His combined total dice for Dexterity plus Firearms was 2. His total dice pool for Dexterity alone was 2.

I think he died in the second, maybe third, round of combat. I managed to hit one of the enemies with my revolver. I didn't do any damage, as they were combat monsters. Even the most experienced characters were getting their asses handed to them.

As the combat started, I got a text message. A woman I had met the night before was interested in meeting up. I was mad about the character death. I had spent a lot of time and energy developing the character and that point, it was best if I simply left. So, I agreed to meet up with her for a pint or two.

That woman would agree to see me again in two weeks, move in with me a few months later, and a couple of years later, be my wife. Thus, this was my best character death ever!

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