Sunday, August 24, 2014

#RPGaDay #MostComplicatedRPG

The most complicated rpg setting I own is likely Vampire: the Requiem. Someone unfamiliar with the WoD is stepping into a setting where they need to track their Coterie, Clan, and Covenant. If the player is stepping into an experienced group, it is likely they will need to learn the other supernatural groups, too. And all of that is before The God Machine Chronicle updates.

For complicated due to the depths of rules, I think Dark Heresay is likely the winner. However, I think they work. As in depth and detailed as they are, they work for me.

For overall complication, SLA Industries wins the prize from me. The setting is all over the place between the different books over the decades of publication and companies publishing it. The magic rules are something that have never made sense to me and the combat is over the top. And I still love it and all of its supplements. The more that gets published, the more it all conceals. 

And if that's enough of a reason to like it, well, I suggest you check out The Esoterrorists from Pelgrane Press. All of the monsters from SLA Industries could fit into an Esoterrorists game, because the Ocean Game is by the same creator as SLA Industries.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

#RPGaDay #CoolestLookingRPG

Stylistically, I think the two magic supplements for Kult are some of the coolest looking rpg supplements out there. They have metallic looking paper, crazy color choices, and a lay out that was far and away better than the core book (first USA edition).

For lay out, I tip my hat to George Vasilakos for Buffy core book and the Decipher Lord Of the Rings core book. When it comes to using screenshots from media in a rpg, George makes beautiful books.

For interior text lay out, check out what Chris Huth did with Pelgrane Press core book for Night's Black Agents. That book is filled with text, in three columns, not two, and it remains legible. It's pretty darn awesome.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Eclipse Phase rpg books from Posthuman Press.Those books are beautifully done in full color. The text is nearly as tightly packed as Night's Black Agents, but something about them just isn't quite as sleek about them. Still, their color and art more than make up for the text. Adam Jury has a whole line of these books.

Friday, August 22, 2014

#RPGaDay #Favorite2ndHandPurchase

My favorite 2nd hand purchase is Traveller:  The New Era. Don't cry foul, just yet, gentle readers. Let me explain why.

I picked this up used, likely at the local rpg shop of the day here in South Bend. It would have been within a year of publication, because I was on Memphis the following year and I had the book before I moved to the South. At the time, the only sci-fi rpg I had played was WEG Star Wars. I had heard of Gamma World, but balked at it after it was described as D&D in space. At the time, I don't think I even owned any of the Star Wars rpg products. I think all I owned was D&D and WoD related.

Anyways, I loved the setting, but the rules did nothing for me. It also fed my developer side, allowing me to create my own worlds. I never got to play it before I moved and I had no idea what people meant when they kept referring to, "Little Black Books."

Flash forward to Memphis. I meet up with a group playing three nights a week and often two games per night. GMs alternated and games came and went. One of the games we played was Traveller. Imagine my excitement at finally getting to play this game...only to find out I had a different edition of the rules. Still, I jumped in without fear and enjoyed the hell out of it. After all, I managed to not die during character creation.

The game was fun and I had a blast with it. There were cool twists and turns. Everyone had a secret - mine was that my skeleton was a form of plastic, not bone, and companies and governments wanted access to me. And I had no idea how I became that way, naturally. 

None of that was ever resolved. We moved on to Oriental Adventures before resolution came about. Still, I loved the game so much that I have spent a good chunk of change tracking down nearly all of the first edition LBBs, New Era, T4, and many if the miniature games. I didn't back the new edition, because I have all I need to run the game.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

#RPGaDay #FavoriteLicensed#Game

Hands down, it's Star Wars. I refer the out of print West End Games version.

I have run this as a run and gun game, a pick up game, a campaign, and a game of mostly Jedi characters. I think it does a great job of emulating the universe.

My friend Wojo ran a campaign that ended with the player's characters taking on the roles of leaders at the Battle of Endor, as the movies characters were incapacitated.

Second choice would be Buffy, for all of the opportunities she gave Eden Studios and myself.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#RPGaDay #RPGWillStillPlayin20Years

Do you honestly have to ask? It's All Flesh Must Be Eaten. I own all the books, have most of the rules memorized, and who doesn't love killing and being killed by zombies? It's a past time around here!

I could also see some WEG Star Wars being played, as well. I have gone nearly a decade between running campaigns, so it could happen. 

Anything I haven't played in 20 years is highly unlikely to be picked up, again, today. I think that's all of D&D, AD&D, and 2nd ed AD&D.

#RPGaDay #FavoritePublishedAdventure

I have not run many published adventures. A few F20, a few Werewolf:  The Apocalypse, and demo games for AFMBE and Con X.

Out of all of those, James Wilber's "Dead Ops" from Eden Studios Presents #2 is my favorite. The story is a military op to rescue American scientists goes awry in South America, due to zombies. It's great fun and we use to keep track of how many characters die per convention. Jim even brought headstone stickers to put on his ZM Screen for each kill. 

Good times.

#FavoriteGameSystem #RPGaDay

This is another hard one for me. I ran 2nd ed Storyteller for years. I ran it long enough that I had my own tweaks to it and even layed out my own character creation booklet.

The other system I know and live to run is Unisystem. The system reminds me of a Storyteller - GURPS mashup. I've done a lot with it and I have tweaked it, as well. There are gaps in parts of the rules for the different magical beings, but what game doesn't have gaps.

I've recently tried out #GUMSHOE and #ActionCards! . Both are good systems, but they are too new to me. I've never been a fan of F20 rules, I can take or leave them.

I am going with #Unisystem for this one. I recently ran some nWoD and it just didn't do it for me.

Monday, August 18, 2014

#RPGaDay #FunniestGameYou'vePlayed

I have two that fit this category.

For games played at a convention, I have to go with Gregor Hutton's Best Friends. I have discussed it elsewhere and it is a crazy, silly game worth the price of admission.

For games played not at a convention, I have to go with Lowell Francis' Freakish Band of Adventurers campaign. The game was set in his 2nd continent fantasy setting using a homebrew system that was one part GURPs, one part BRP, one part RoleMaster with a heavy dose of Glorantha influence. The group was large, for me, 8 players at one point. I think I played the only straight human in the group. We had a half-demon, a cat person, a couple of elves, a dog person, a wizard of indeterminate heritage, and myself. The game was a disaster around every corner: we were constantly bumping into things, knocking plot points on their sides, releasing gods from imprisonment, and travelling to the moon to fight evil ratkin. We traversed the continent finding adventure and mayhem wherever we went. It ran for several years (3?) before being wrapped up. We lost a player due to him moving down to Indy at one point in the campaign.

I believe Lowell has some write ups on the game over at his blog, Age of Ravens.

#RPGaDay #GameYouWishedYouOwned

Pendragon 4th edition.

We may be doing a 5th edition game here in the near future, but I am curious to read through this one. It has material in it for expanding the cast of characters to include spell casters and a few other items not included in other editions. I looked for it at GenCon, but could not find it. I will just have to order it from an online store like Noble Knight Games.

#RPGaDay #FavoriteConventionGame

I am going with game to run at a convention with this one. Hands down, it's All Flesh Must Be Eaten. The players show up expecting to die and hoping they go out in a very cool way.

I have run "Road Trip of the Damned," "The Burning Wheel of Karma," and "Dead Ops" for AFMBE. All three of them give me fond memories.

Not a single one of the memories from RTotD are for polite discussion and they all tend to revolve around the first reveal. You can pick this one up for free at the Eden Studios website.

TBWoK was written by Derek Guder and myself. It involved a flashback, which turned out to be very tricky when one character tried to kill the other during the flashback sequence, and involved a reveal at the end that often ended poorly for over half of the party. This is the only one of the three scenarios not available to the public.

DO was written by James Wilber and is an awesome military with zombies scenario. You can find it in Eden Studios Presents volume two. We use to keep track of how many characters died during this game. We even had one group make a huge mistake after the first reveal and died in the first two hours of the game.