Friday, August 29, 2014

#RPGaDay #GameYou'dMostLiketoSeeaNew/ImprovedVersion

#RPGaDay #GameYou'dMostLiketoSeeaNew/ImprovedVersion

I think John Dodd called it when he proclaimed a|state needs a new edition. Talking with +Malcolm Craig about the game after it was published, he told me that his direction was to provide a setting where the idea was to build hope. He thought about adding mechanics to reward the players whenever they brought hope to the community.

I think the idea is solid and I think he could easily find a way to port that into the game. He has proven he has the ability to develop unique settings and rules mechanics.

Other games I would like to see a new edition of include All Flesh Must Be Eaten, 7th Sea, and Ravenloft. I know I'll get one of the three. I just don't have a date, yet.

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