Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sci-Fi Saturday: Star Wars rpg WEG edition

An intro letter to a Star Wars game set after the original movie

You are all Jedi being tutored by the same Jedi Master.

The Empire is in charge of the universe. You know little of the Rebellion, having only heard of the Death Star’s demise from two years ago. You do know the Empire is bad. They have done bad things to local people and your master has warned you they will kill you if they discover you possess Jedi powers or a lightsabre.

You live with your master on his plantation, hours from the nearest town with a space port. There are other workers who live with you and they all know you are Jedi students. They do what they can to keep you safe and unknown to the rest of the populace. Most of the workers remember the old Jedi Knights and the good they did for the universe.

You have all lived on the plantation for as long as you can remember. You have never been off-planet, but you have seen holocron movies of other planets and places. You may have relatives who also live here on the plantation (player decision).

Since your later teenage years, you have been responsible for taking goods to the nearest town for trade, as well as, doing any shopping needed for the plantation. The nearest town does not have a star port. You use a repulsor lift vehicle to get there.

The Empire maintains a good-sized garrison in the capital city. They have a small presence in the local town you visit for supplies. A liaison office, more or less. Your master has warned you of a very large garrison of troops based on the planet’s nearby moon. There is an Imperial Star Destroyer stationed in the galaxy.

There is a lake near your plantation. Your master instructed you when you were young, to never go near it. You grew up thinking it was do the Hssiss lizards who lived there. You would later learn you were half right. Yes, the Hssiss lizards are the problem, but not just because they like the taste of manflesh. They also radiate Dark Force power. This, your master has explained to you, is why you may practice your Force abilities on the plantation, without being noticed by Imperial Inquisitors.

We will begin on a day when you are returning from the nearby city, repulsor lift filled with supplies.

And with that, I began the game by killing off nearly everyone at the plantation. 
The Empire discovered the Jedi Master and came a-callin’. 
The players would go on to exact revenge on the Empire.

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