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Places and People for a Modern, Supernatural RPG setting

I discovered a small notebook filled with notes on a game I ran circa turn of the century. Readers can use the three places and the list of NPCs for their modern, supernatural roleplaying games. These work well with the World of Darkness, Kult, or the Buffy/Angel 'verse.

For readers who stick around until the end, you'll find a list of words from Land of the Lost. Yes, that, Land of the Lost.

La Rue’s:  High-class restaurant that is rumored to serve meat preferred by the local lycanthrope community. This rumor is not true and was started by a local red cap faerie.

Osbourne Country Club

Aesop Research Company:  ARC is constantly rumored to be in the process of going out of business. This is actually a marketing ploy they are using before launching several takeovers of local competition. The company is extremely diversified in what it offers its customer base.

NPCs and Groups for a modern, supernatural based game
Miss Kathryn Rose:  Lives in the historic district and practices magic in a pattern reminiscent of a formal style. She is one of the most powerful magic users in the city.

Robin Mandrake:  Robin in the latest in a line of witches and warlocks. Robin owns property southeast of town, in the country. The home has been in the Mandrake family for over one hundred years. The property contains a mansion, unattached garage, servants’ quarters, guest quarters’, garden maze, stables, horse training area, and a pond. The pond and oldest tree on the property are on ley lines.

Roland and Caitlyn Geddes (married):  Roland runs an international import/export trading company and owns several other companies that can be used to move money and goods. Roland did not lose money following the tech market bubble burst of 2000 and remains a millionaire. He has been seen with bodyguards, on occasion. In the late 1990s, Roland gathered and built several teams of advanced humans. These were people who had lost their jobs, been seen in the news as freaks of nature, and needed a break from the harsh reality of the world. The number of people on the payroll of Roland’s import/export company grew up through 1999. Following the start of the millennium, several of the people in Roland’s employee died and their positions were eliminated in the company. Today, Roland is still a millionaire and still employs troubled individuals who show abilities beyond the range of normal humans.

Lords of the Shadow:  This group wants to gain control of the city. Others of their kind (wizards, demons, lycanthropes, etc.) expect them to go after the traditional number one group in the city. However, they actually see the upstart, youngsters as an easier target. The Lords of the Shadow are working to find the young upstarts base of operations. Once they do, they plan to launch an attack and take over their property.

Neil Avery:  Neil is the worst of two worlds. He is a lawyer and an evil, supernatural creature. He is motivated by power and wants to be the winning side. Neil comes from a violent, drunk, and mentally abusive home. Unlike most of his kind, however, Neil comes from a family of power. His father and uncles are all lawyers, accountants, and judges. Most women in the family do not work. Instead, they stay home with the kids and their alcohol of choice.

Neil’s great-aunt Dorothy “Dot” Packard-Avery is a little different than the other women in the family. She runs Aesop Research Company. She and her late husband, Walter Avery, had no children. As such, Dot picked Neil to be her favorite after he began showing the family’s traits for supernatural abilities.

Neil graduated two years later than expected from college. His change in lifestyle due to his family’s supernatural background caused problems. However, his great-aunt recognized his potential. With her money, she bought him his own law firm. By age thirty-eight, Neil ranked as a full member of the firm. Over the next four years, he systematically worked his way to the top and replaced the other partners with hand-picked followers. The new partners are a fully functioning pack of demonic lawyers.

Neil fears children. They bring peace, love, and happiness. He is unfamiliar with these things. Ambition, scorn, and hate are his family’s values. To this end, he has found a way to get rid of children. He has a gang of vampires calling themselves, “The Seventh Circle” on retainer.  The 7th Circle is willing to do anything for anyone at the right price. They specialize in kidnapping and extortion, especially when it involves children. They also do a brisk trade in selling people and peoples’ parts on the Black Market.

The 7th Circle kidnaps children and brings them to Neil for a monthly fee. Neil kills some of them outright. However, most of them are turned over to Ammon. Ammon is a demon who performs the legwork for a more powerful demon that Neil believes to be a major player in the coming apocalypse. Ammon’s master uses the children for labor.

In order to ensure he is on the winning side of the apocalypse, he has stayed in touch with his family. His law firm takes on clients who are family and quite guilty of their alleged crimes. He donates monies to “charities” who actually do more harm than good.

Aesop Research Company has supplied a team of security specialists to Neil’s law firm as bodyguards and security guards to use as they see fit.

The other partners include Adam Foucault, George Dogushu, Eleanore LaBelle, and Robert Kilgoure. Adam is a natural born leader and serves as the public front-man for the firm. George is an Afghani War Vet who saw things dark and mysterious while in the Middle East. Eleanore writes young adult novels under a pen name. The novels feature demons and wizards fighting to win the apocalypse against an ever-shrinking group of good guys. Robert is the oldest of the partners and has the most court room experience. He takes on the more unsavory of characters who need a charity lawyer.

Julian Avery:  Father and lawyer with a large firm; his name is not on the firm. He has been charged twice in the past with DUI. Neither charges made it to court. His wife stays at home with their children.

Stephen Avery:  Grandfather of Neil and judge of a Class C and D courtroom.

Robert Avery:  One of Neil’s uncles; accountant for a large firm. He has been charged with aggravated assault three times. None have gone to court.

Thomas Avery:  Another uncle and lawyer, he is based in a nearby town. He has one charge of resisting arrest and harassing an officer of the law, gained during a DUI arrest. None of this made it to court.

Maureen Avery-Masters:  Neil’s sister; she works in social care. Her husband is Martin Masters.

Mart Masters:  Neil’s brother in law and police detective in the first precinct.

Matthew Shaker: Neil’s cousin who works for the city’s housing authority.

The Seventh Circle
The 7th Circle is a ring of kidnappers and sellers of people and people parts. The members of the 7th Circle are vampires and human Renfields. They do not worship dark lords, prey for the rise of vampires over humans, or anything of the sort. They are simply evil and enjoy their work. 

7th Circle is led by Luther Mello. Pepe’ Defrancesco, and Kara Taylor are his chief lieutenants.

Neil Avery was introduced to the 7th Circle when Luther hired Neil to help Kara beat a charge of child kidnapping and endangerment. In return for Neil’s services, he requested the use of the 7th Circle services in acquiring children. The deal was quickly struck and the case was soon tossed out of court before the media turned it into a publicity circus. Since then, Neil’s law firm and the 7th Circle have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship.

The 7th Circle has developed contacts in the local city government, public school system, local hospitals, and the ruling elite.

List of Names
Mother Lucinda
Mrs. Bixby

Frederick Stecher
Anders Konningen
Sonja Erindorfer
Karen Bostrum
Joanna Thorngren
Erik Petersen
Leon Wojakc
Helen Fletcher
Frank Boswell
Docotor David Marko
Doctor Kristin Thomas
Joseph Popov
Ivan “Mike” Arensky
Lord William W. Watson III
Harriet Wickwire
Linsey Carmichael
Verona Melville
Charles Kirkwood
Phillip Corbett
Gordon Blake
Anthony Collins
Theodore Clary
Michael Palamas
Bela Gerevich
Maria Nakova
Ilona Denis
Niccolo Bartali
Lee Dongcai
Jerome Lafleur
Rana Yamoniv
Sidney Bothwell
Lucy Galouni
Daphnae Powell
Benito “Benny” Fellini
Clark Rocksdale
Shogi Kimura
Natalie Hagen

Sahale words
Abima:  adult
Abuni:  children
Emi: dark
Amura:  family
Yeku vusachi:  goodbye (lit. “you go well”)
Me tobi ye:  hello (lit. “I greet you”)
Abusa:  little
Ogansa:  magic
Masar:  mother
Iram:  moon
Anu:  no
Osu:  water
Masa:  woman
Masani:  women
Iram sha ma:  moon that gives
Ogansa bisasa:  very big magic
Sahale:  falcon
Matwau:  enemy
Satinka:  magical dancer
Inteus:  has no shame

Jolon:  Valley of the Dead Oaks

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