Thursday, January 16, 2014

Character Names for Western genre and Modern Genre Games

When I run games, I eventually develop lists of names to use on the fly. The guy sitting in the dark corner of the tavern, the gas station clerk who acts nervous around the characters for no reason, or the snitch with the tip off to the police may need names if the party decides they are important NPCs.

Reviewing a stack of 3”x5” cards, I came across many names, some with descriptions and some without descriptions. One set of names is more appropriate for a Western genre game, while the other is more appropriate for a modern game. I am certain the names can be used in either or different genres. (A dwarf named Brubaker? Oh, yes.) Some of the names are original, some are not. For example, the Western genre list has three sources:  a series of novels, a TV show, and names I came across in the genre that I liked. The modern list is similar in creation.

I have listed names without descriptions first for each genre, followed by names with descriptions. Apparently, I had plans for some of these names, but not for all of them.

Without further to-do, here are two lists of names you can use for your games!

Western genre
Randall Bragg
Ringo Shelton
Mackie Shelton
Virgil Cole
Everett Hitch
Allison French
Professor Wickwire
Corinna Schwenke
Camille Schwenke
Ms. Change

Modern Genre
Gregory Kaesserman
Richard Wehling
David Kruger
Matteo “New Shoes” Badoglio
Theodore “Teddy” Hutchinson
Jeremy Winneham
Ken St. James
Jacob Tolson
Peter Olsen
Steven Kiley
David Cougar
Eric Swanson
Michael Oppenheimer
Carlin Jarrett
Sullivan Dane
Rolland “Rolley” Geddes
David Arkwright
Kelli Marshall
Theresa “Tessa” Caxton
Kaitlen “Katy” (Rose) Geddes
Katherine Urselmann
Veronika Hollber
Marry Winwood
Deena Bartus
Lillie Thom
Racquelle Dawson
Yura Surova (Russian)

Cassidy Andersen:  Big boned, broad shouldered, wide face, big green eyes, 5’4”, wears blue and green colored clothing, very comfortable in blue jeans and tennis shoes, hair is naturally straight blonde, she is known to curl it and die it red; Empath (receiving only)

Nick “Harvey” Holloway:  6’, grey hair parted to one side, long skinny nose, 180 lbs., blue eyes, dresses casually in loose fitting clothing such as jogging suites, solid chin, white teeth, smokes expensive cigarettes; Invisibility, but not for his clothing, government ties

Barbara Hearchey:  Slim to medium build, short straight black hair that falls into her eyes, black eye color, straight plain facial features, business-like attitude but maintains an air of easy-going; Psychometry, Mindspeak

Todd Greel:  5’4”, greying brown hair, slim green eyes, thin lips, wide mouth, good build, business dress (suite, tie, trench coat), very neat and meticulous, mid-40s; No powers, techie

Alexis Stafford:  early 20s, trim with solid muscle, 4’9”; 75 ounds, short cropped black hair, dark made up, green eyes, average skin tone, wears black (jeans, dress shirts, low cut boots, leather jacket, gloves), domino mask, very rich and haughty, switchblade in her back pocket, likes to dance, business degree from Dartmouth in Hanover

Lauren Randle:  originally from Baltimore, MD
Richard Gilbert:  works for The Trust
Shiga Buji:  Necro-psi powers
Dicky Bird “DB” Perkins:  hacker
Jane Hyams:  Flight Attendant
Tamara Lee:  Siren

Silverbrook Police Department
Dr. Steven Rothschild:  Coroner for the midnight shift
Darren Rivers:  staff psychologist who also teaches at a nearby state university
Debra Morse
Glen Tsunai
Homocide Captain Owen Hagerty
Darryl Masters:  has a form of cancer, married to Callie
Lieutenant Mark Thorin
Lieutenant Michael Dearbon

Assistant District Attorney Mike Ellis
Callie Masters:  5’9”, 120 lbs., dyed red hair, green eyes, mid-30s, married to Darryl for ten years

Tipton County Police
Sherrif Patrick Delaney
Deputy Pete Cartledge
Sheriff Ian Matthews
Deputy Theodore Blankers

University Professors
Darren Rivers:  teaches criminal psyche
Dr. Layton Bowles:  Biology prof., wears glasses

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