Wednesday, August 5, 2015

#RPGaDay2015 Day 5 Most Recent RPG Purchase

#RPGaDay2015 Day 5 Most Recent RPG Purchase

My most recent round of purchases was at GenCon. I picked up games from 4 companies. I'll go with the one I went to the con to find - Mutant Year Zero.

After finishing up my run on Night's Black Agents, I suggested a game set in the post apocalypse. It didn't need to be zombie related, but I wanted something that if I put time and energy into it, I could use the material with All Flesh Must Be Eaten

My group and I travel in similar circles online. It's only natural, given similar tastes in things. We were watching a lot of discussion around this game. People were excited, having fun, and generally giving it a positive vote. It's also one of the more recent RPG products to address post apocalypse that isn't related to AW/DW, which I do not like. 

I did some looking into it and it looks keen. I picked up everything they had for it at GenCon:  core book, dice, map, screen, and first book supplement. I have yet to read it. I poured through two other post apocalyptic RPGs I purchased and quickly put down, first. I hope to start in on reading this one later this month.

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