Saturday, August 1, 2015

‪#‎RPGaDay2015‬ Day 1: Forthcoming Game you are most looking forward too.

My good friend Dave Chapman is at it, again! Last year's RPGaDay is back. He's changed up a few days. He's asked industry insiders to put together their own videos for the different days. And he's linking to them via his YouTube site:

So, here's my entry on day one. I hope to see your posts this month and I hope to be seen around the 20th. . . 

At first, I thought this would be a tough one to do as I have three I'm very excited about. However, I realized that one is a minis game and this isn't #MinisaDay2015. Then, the other two came down to one I'm the lead on and one I'm not. I'm going with the one on which I'm the lead. It's selfish, I know. 

The AFMBE Director's Cut is something George Vasilakos of Eden Studios and I have discussed for quite some time. We wanted it to be meaty. We wanted it to have everything, EVERYTHING, the fans would need to run the game. We realized we could put everything, but not EVERYTHING in the book. But really, what would that include? How would we do it? What would we want in it? What would the fans want in it? What would it mean for future products and how we went about things? What would it mean to lay out and editing? And how would we get EVERYTHING else to the fans?

A bunch of things happened in real life that put that on hold. Day job changes. Life changes. Living out of hotels due to construction on the home. Log books were lost. Files disappeared. Bigger projects came along that needed much more attention involving important, top men. Top men.

And one day it clicked. This is how we do it. This is what we need for the future. This is how we produce the Director's Cut and this is how we produce EVERYTHING else. So, now I am back to working on the Director's Cut. It's not a new book, whole cloth. It's not a retelling of the tell. It's an updating of text. It's a collection of things. And I hope it's a precursor of good things to come. 

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