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Agents of Armageddon in the Cinematic Unisystem

Armageddon uses the classic Unisystem rules. The structure of the angelic and pagan powers are not directly compatible with All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Conspiracy X, nor the cinematic Unisystem rules. Basic rules for converting magic can be gleaned via Magic Box and the web enhancement for Dungeons & Zombies. The easiest way to convert Armageddon abilities to a cinematic game is to not convert them and simply import the Essence rules into the cinematic game. Barring that, these notes may help you run Armageddon using cinematic rules.


This becomes a Simple Willpower test versus the chart on page 256. Each level is a difficulty added to the roll. 1 in 3 has a -1 modifier and 1 in 10,000 has a -50 modifier.

Seraphim heal at a rate of d10 x Simple Willpower test.

Seraphim Theophanies
Seraphim use this skill with their powers. Note it as Wild Card:  Theophany on the character sheet.

6-point Power
Seraphim uses Dexterity +Theophany versus target’s Dexterity + Acrobatics. The strength of the bonds is equal to the Willpower of the Seraphim. The bonds become barbed at the Seraphim’s command and inflict D6 Willpower in slashing damage. The bonds stay in existence as long as the Seraphim concentrates on them. If the Seraphim stops concentrating on the bonds, they disappear in a number of rounds equal to the Serpahim’s Theophany rating. If the target’s origin is not the current realm, the Seraphim can attempt to send the target home with a Willpower + Theophany versus simple Willpower test.

8-point Power
Destruction:  These bolts inflict D10 x Willpower in damage using either Dexterity or Dexterity + Theophany to hit the target.
Oblivion:  There is no easy way to use this power in a cinematic game. The power destroys the existence of the target from mortal and most supernatural creatures’ memories. The Seraphim makes an opposed Willpower + Theophany versus Simple Willpower test and permanently sacrifices Willpower points equal to the target’s Willpower. Simple objects will only cost one point, but simple objects that are embued with magic cost their Power Level

Target Object:  Willpower Cost
Object:  1
Magic Object:  Power Level
Magic Weapon:  Damage Multiplier
Mortal:  Willpower rating         
Supernatural Creature or Spirit:  Double Willpower rating

7-point Power
With a round of concentration, the Seraphim can transport themselves and other between planes and from place-to-place on Earth. The power requires one turn of concentration and a Willpower + Theophany test. Transporting to a place within 5 miles has no raised difficulties. However, each additional person the Seraphim transports raises the difficulty by 1. 10 miles requires a Decent Success Level and each additional person raises the difficulty by 3. Up to 100 miles requires a Good Success Level and each additional person raises the difficulty by 5. Greater distances require an Excellent Success Level and additional travelers raise the difficulty by 10 per person.

Travelling to other realms is much harder. The Seraphim must concentrate on the location for five minutes and then succeed at a Willpower + Theophany test at the Excellent Success level. Additional travelers raise the difficulty by 10 per person.

First Edition Cover

Kerubim Providence, Healing, and Thoephanices function identically to a Seraphim’s.

Kerubim Theophanies

7-point Point
To activate this power, the Kerubim spends a turn concentrating and then succeeds on a Willpower + Theophany test. If the Trance is cut short, the Kerubim’s Willpower is halved for D10 x Willpower in minutes.

4-point Power
Using this power requires a Willpower + Theophany test per hour of use. It must be re-rolled at the end of the hour for continued use. Once the roll fails, the Revealer cannot use it again for another hour. Each Success Level adds another layer of truth discovered.

2nd edition cover

Primal Powers
Characters using Aspects and Primal Powers must have the Wild Card:  Primal Skill to use them.

Aura of Power
3-point Power
The Primal gains bonuses equal to Success Levels rolled on a Willpower + Primal test.

8-point Power
The Primal makes a Willpower + Primal test versus a Simple Willpower test by the victim. Gifted and supernatural characters may make other resistance rolls as appropriate.

Battle Rage
5-point Power
The Primal makes a Willpower + Primal test and must gain a Very Good Success level. If the test is successful, the power last in minutes equal to each actual Success Level.

Berserk Leader
5-point Power
Each Success Level on a Willpower + Primal Skill test results in one person affected by this power. Gifted and supernatural can resist.

Cold Fury
10-point Power
This power removes the penalties of the Berserk Power. The character must succeed on an Extraordinary Success Level.

Primal Fire
Fire Magic
10-point Power
Allows the Primal to cast the Elemental Fire spell. Damage is equal to (Willpower + 3) x Primal Skill.

Flame Incarnate
14-point Power
The power is activated with a Willpower + Primal Skill test at the Good Success Level. The flames remain for a number of turns equal to Success Levels. The flames inflict damage equal to D4 x Willpower. The Primal can cast fire bolts with a successful Dexterity + Gun Fu or Primal Skill test. These inflict damage equal to D6 x Willpower.

Primal Wind
Air Magic
10-point Power
Per magic conversion rules.

Summon Elemental
6-point Power
This ability summons a being from the elemental planes. Upon a successful Willpower + Primal Skill test, the summoned being appears. Its Primary Attributes are equal to double the summoner’s Willpower x levels of success.

Wind Incarnate
12-point Power
The character must succeed at a Good Willpower + Primal Skill roll. The power lasts one minute per success level. Everything else is per the rules.

Wings of Air
5-point Power
The character must succeed at a Willpower + Primal Skill test. The power lasts one minute per success level.

Lightning Bolt
8-point Power
A Willpower + Primal Skill or Gun Fu or Targeting is required to hit with this power. Damage is equal to D8 x (Willpower + Success Levels).

Lightning Storm
15-point Power
The power requires a Willpower + Primal Skill test equal to Very Good. Everything else is per the rules.

15-point Power
This power requires a Willpower + Primal Skill test equal to Good. Each Success Level rolled adds one to the damage multiplier. Everything else is per the rules.

6-point Power
A Successful Willpower + Primal Skill is all that is needed to activate this power. Everything else is per the rules.

Weather Lordship
12-point Power
Per magic conversion rules.

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