Friday, February 7, 2014

Trailers for Film Friday: Sinbad, Helix, Vampires, and a whole passle of zombies, including the Walking Dead

A handful of trailers today for you. First up, we have Sinbad the Fifth Voyage which I understand will have a limited release today. After that, a surprise for many of my friends, a trailer for a Syfy tv show:  Helix. Next up, there is From Dusk til Dawn the tv series. Yes, this is a thing. So is a series take on Guillermo del Toro's book The Strain. I did not care for the writing in the book. I'm hopeful the tv series is not as dry. Zombies of the Living Dead is a low budget film with a style of its own. Buck Wild is the next film mixing comedy and zombies. It's no Shaun of the Dead. It's also not a British film. And for anyone who missed it, I end this post with the super bowl commercial for season four episode nine's Walking Dead episode with is due up this Sunday.

While there is no trailer for it here, if you aren't watching HBO's True Detective, you are missing out on something good. Twisted, jacked up, Lovecraft-referencing goodness.

Sinbad:  The Fifth Voyage


The Strain

From Dusk til Dawn the series

Zombies of the Living Dead

Buck Wild

Walking Dead

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