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Sci Fi Saturday: Star Wars New System, Household, and Character (systemless)

What follows is a write up I did for a short lived Star Wars game I played. I start with information on my character's star system, move on to the character's household, and finish up with the background of the character, himself. While the majority of this write up is systemless, the ranges/damages for weapons at the very tail end is for WEG Star Wars.

System Name: Subartu

Subartu is ruled over by a council of leaders from the various households in the star system. The most powerful of these households is Ur-Lagash. Two other households claim to be as old and noble as the Ur-Lagash:  Ur-Nammu and Ur-Enurta. Many minor households make up the rest of the council, most of them pledging allegiance to one of the three major households.

When one speaks of Subartu or Ur-Lagash, it is assumed that you are speaking of one in the same. The actual power of the Ur-Lagash versus the other two households is roughly 4:1:1.

Planet Name: Subartu
Type: Terrestial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type 1
Hydrosphere: Temperate
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Plain, Urban
Length of Day: 25 hours
Length of Year: 350 days
Sapient Species: Human (N)
Starport Level: Space
Population: 100 billion
Planet Function: Government, administrative, trade
Government: Council composed of Household Lords
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: none
Major Imports: all needed
Cities of Note: Simurru (capitol city), Kimash (home to House Ur-Lagash)

Planet Name: Kazallu
Type: satellite of the planet Anzan
Temperature: Cool
Atmosphere: Type 1 (terraformed), Type 2 at the poles
Hydrosphere: Moist
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Forest, Mountain
Length of Day: 20 hours, divided in to four sections of 5 hours (day, night, day, night) as it cycles around its planet and the system’s star
Length of Year: 438
Sapient Species: Human
Starport Level: Space
Population: 25,000 (transient)
Planet Function: training, schooling
Government: Military run by Subartu
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports:
Major Imports:
Cities of Note:

Planet Name: Amurru
Type: Terrestial
Temperature: Hot
Atmosphere: Type 2
Hydrosphere: Dry
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Crater field/desert
Length of Day: 32 hours
Length of Year: 1,129 days
Sapient Species: none
Starport Level: none
Population: none
Planet Function: none; wasteland
Government: none
Tech Level: none; formerly space
Major Exports: none
Major Imports: none
Cities of Note: none; remains of several cities exist, including the remnants of a Jedi Tower built by the Ur-Lagash as a gift.

Planet Name: Anzan
Type: Terrestial
Temperature: Searing
Atmosphere: Type 4
Hydrosphere: Acidic
Gravity: Heavy
Terrain: Volcanic
Length of Day: 20 hours
Length of Year: 438 days
Sapient Species: Human
Starport Level: Space
Population: 1000 constant plus trainees
Planet Function: none; wasteland
Government: Military
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: trained soldiers
Major Imports: everything needed to survive
Cities of Note: none; the satellite Kazallu rotates around Anzan
Notes: Anzan now serves as the training location for the Subartu militaries. The planetoid is filled with mountainous terrain. The temperature on the planetoid varies between 4 degrees Celsius to -34 degrees Celsius. Snow and ice cover the landscape.

Potential other locations:
Individual planets for each of the major households
Food processing or growing
Major scientific colleges
Major industrial plants

Household:  Ur-Lagash (from “Ur” meaning “ancient and honorable” and Lagash, a placename.

Household Symbol:  The mushussu (deep red in color), rampant (standing on one hind leg)

The mushussu is a red snake with legs (akin to a dragon, but no wings), one horn on the head, lion claws for the fore feet and hawk talons for the hind feet.

Household Seat:  Subartu (planet and system name), city of Kimash (old capital city)

Business:  Military, mostly mercenaries, but also some scientific developments / modifications

Background:  Prior to the rise of Palpatine, the Ur-Lagash were known for their military prowess. 80% of all males joined the army or navy, with fewer than 5% of all females joining. Females made up the bulk of the scientific and administrative fields.

The worst military recruits were system bound, serving as defenders. However, the best of the Ur-Lagash were sent out as mercenaries.

With the rise of Palpatine as emperor, he sent a team of diplomats to the Subartu System to negotiate the mercenaries of Ur-Lagash serving in his empire. All of the households in the Subartu system put on their best regalia. Armies were placed on duty, navies had their ships lined up in dock, and everyone not on active duty somewhere, was recalled to the system.

The “negotiating” team arrived with ten Star Destroyers and decimated the parade ready Ur-Lagash militaries. The Ur-Lagash fully expected Palpatine to keep his word of peace and unification. What they didn’t realize was that by peace, he meant devastating the world used for training the militaries (Amurru) and that by unification, he meant all military members were viable for drafting into the Empires’ military.

People of the Ur-Lagash system reluctantly served in the Empire’s military. While enlisted, they were sure to learn everything they could about their enemies and feed that information back to the household leaders. In time, some of the information made it over to the Alliance.

The Ur-Lagash relationship with the Alliance was tenuous at best. The Ur-Lagash are a military people and not prone to soft feelings or taking it quietly. This lead to many confrontations between the leaderships of both groups. However, the Ur-Lagash spent more time fighting units such as “Vader’s Fist” than they did arguing with the Alliance. In the end, the Alliance forces were much larger than those of Ur-Lagash.

Upon hearing of the results of the Battle for Endor, the Ur-Lagash leadership instituted their own “66” against the Empire. Units were told to outright commandeer Empirical ships to fly home in and when that wasn’t possible, there were to fight their way home.

Now, the Ur-Lagash are back to their mercenary selves, going so far as to cut deals with the New Republic, the Hutts, and it is even rumoured that they have cut deals with members of the former Empire.

The current Ur-Lagash military is made up of equal parts male and female. The same can be said of the scientific and administrative communities.

Character Name: Basar Ur-Lagash
Title: Dast-Ayshnay (negotiator/vizier), Bel (lord/knight)
Background: Basar trained on Amurru as all Ur-Lagashians before him. However, due to his smaller size and not being as strong as his brethren, it was decided that he would remain in the system and not be allowed to serve in the mercenary units of the Subartu.

When the starships of the Empire arrived, Basar was serving as chidf supply officer on Kazallu. Even though he was of the House’s blood, his parents thought it best he serve in the military in whatever manner possible. Palpatine’s forces crushed the unexpecting Subartu forces. The Council of Households quickly signed a treaty for peace, selling out their freedom and their children.

Being one of the surviving military members, Basar was quickly sent off to serve Palpatine. Palpatine packed off his new servants to assist Stormtrooper units. The Emperor needed the manpower, wanted the hostages to keep the Subartu System in line, but didn’t trust them enough to allow them to serve such elite forces as the 501st. Basar’s unit was sent to assist with patrolling the borders along Hutt space. When not on the Victory I-Class Star Destroyer General Blackstar, Basar often accompanied the loyalist Imperial troops on missions.

Basar’s unit quickly learned the ins and outs of dealing with Imperials, Hutts, pirates, rebel spies, and other “businessmen.” To say the ship they served on was corrupt would be a bit of a misnomer. It would be more appropriate to say that they learned how to negotiate and keep the peace.

When word of the Battle of Endor reached his ship, Basar and everyone else that wanted out of the Imperial employ mutinied. Several shuttle craft blew their way out of the Star Destroyer, leaving it a burning wreck just outside of Hutt space along a space lane leading directly to Nar Shadda.

A small fleet of pirate ships led by Crimson Jack convened on the shuttle craft and took everyone prisoner. Through negotiations led by Basar, the Imperial mutineers were placed back on their shuttle craft and allowed to go their way. In return, Basar turned over all of the Imperial pass codes to the ship they had left burning.

The shuttle craft jumped several systems to make sure they were out of the reach of both Crimson Jack and the Empire. Then the mutineers held a conference. Decisions were made and plans hashed out. Everyone would be given the opportunity to make it to their respective homes.

Basar and his fellow Subartuans boarded one ship and began their journey home. Along the way, they met up with and freed others of Subartu descent. By the time Basar made it home, the Subartu System was already free of Imperial governance.

After his debriefing and a month-long vacation, the Lugal (head of house) of Ur-Lagash appointed Basar the title Bel for his bravery in bringing home his fellow Subartuans and the title Dast Ayshnay for his future service in the name of House Ur-Lagash.

Dast Ayshnay is an occupational title generally reserved for elder warriors who are smart enough to survive into their late 40s/early 50s. It signifies that the bearer of the title understands the meaning of war well enough to know that sometimes other “negotiations” are possible to accomplish the same feat. Dast Ayshnay are charged with taking the family business “on the road” to expand influence and make good money. They can be found in business offices, battle fields, and even seedy back rooms where Sabaac is played.

While many of those who traveled home with Basar died en route, he first offered up positions in his entourage to those who had returned with him. When he first set out, he had two teams of seven. After a few initial run-ins with left-over Imperials that recognized them for who they were, the count is down to where it is at the start of his time in the game.

Bel Basar has been functioning as a Dast Ayshnay for less than six months.

Potential Conflicts, Major: (not set) Further the influence, power, and monetary status of House Ur-Lagash. Destroy any remains of the Empire whenever possible.

Potential Conflicts, minor: (not set) If possible find the name of the person who led the destruction of Amurru and the old Ur-Lagash fleet. Discover whether or not the General in charge of the General Blackstar is still alive. If he is, see to his potential downfall. Avoid Crimson Jack, don’t want to worry about out-negotiating him a second time.

Physical Appearance: Skin the color of a light brown roux, black hair with flecks of grey starting to spot, brown eyes (all typical for the people of Subartu), medium build (small for Subartu), scar that runs from his right ear along his jawline to the mid-point of his chin, various other scars from battle, occasionally has facial hair, but never over the scar.

Potential Clothing and Gear: Breast/back plate with the family crest on it (crest in deep red, armor is medium grey), vambraces (same grey tone), black pants, red shirt that matches the family crest in color, knee-high, black cavalry boots, dark grey cape with cord not metal clasping (typically worn over the left shoulder and back), blast helmet, blaster pistol slung low on right hip, vibro dagger on left hip, fighting knife sticking out the top of the right boot, blaster rifle slung across his back under the cape, hold out blaster either up left sleeve or under breast plate, various pouches on belts.

Potential Personal Gear:
Blaster Rifle (5D-6D range)
Blaster Pistol (Heavy or Sporting) (4D-5D range)
Hold Out Blaster (3d range)
Vibro dagger
Fighting Knife
Blast Helmet
Blast Breast/Back Plate
Comlink (in Blast Helmet)
Comlink (handheld)
Glow Rod
Medpac (2)
Body glove

Potential Gear for the Unit:
Blaster Rifle (4D-5D range)
Blaster Pistol (3D-4D range)
Heavy Blaster Rifle/Repeating Blaster (one in unit)
Fighting Knife
Grenades (if appropriate)
Blast Helmet
Blast Breast/Back Plate (or something similar to Stormtrooper Armor for soaking blaster damage)
Comlinks (in Blast Hemet)
Glow Rod
Medpac (2 or 3 each)
Macrobinoculars (at least one for the unit)

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