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The Pitch

Continuing an idea I am developing...

High Concept
Ancient European style culture set in a world trying to emerge from a Dark Age; humans intermixed with dwarves, elves (who surrendered control of the world to man and dwarf), and gnomes (whose real purpose is not known); set in a bleak world trying to come out of a Dark Age.

The Pitch
The cast join with Baron Galen of Tamaris in attempting to reunite a land now divided. Along the way, they play integral roles in forming alliances with other baronies, encounter experiments left behind by their former masters (the elves), and rally against those who would support a despot as king.

The cast will become embroiled in the machinations of Baron Galen (portray by James Coburn) as he attempts to unite the baronies across the continent. Allies must be formed and enemies swayed or defeated. The cast will need to prove their worth to Baron Galen before being sent on missions of greater and greater importance. With success, they will become emissaries of a sort for the baron as he pursues his personal goal – setting himself up as the king of a reunited land. Faraway lands will be visited, including those adverse to serving a different baron's goals. Can the cast survive in these lands, let alone gain supporters for Baron Galen amongst the peoples within these lands. Along the way, caches of old will need to be explored and experiments left behind by the evil elves of old must be destroyed.

The cast will have the freedom to not help the baron if they find him a detestable leader.

Cast and Concepts
Location: Barony of the Southern Coast
Capital: Tamaris
Ruler/Leader: Baron Galen (James Coburn)
Important Court Members:
Allies: none
Enemies: Baronies of the Mists and Swamps
Neutral: Baronies of the Mountains, Woods, and River
Population: 1200
Notes: The elves of old turned sandbars near the coast into three, small islands and then constructed bridges, towers, and buildings upon those islands. The towers give the impression of wrapping around themselves, as if seaweed. The buildings are constructed to look like rocks and coral from the seabed. The bridges that stretch from the mainland to the islands and betwixt the islands are layers of wood that warp and wrap around each other like a field of seagrass to form a perfectly smooth surface. Each bridge has a command word that may be used to retract or extend the bridge, as if some sort of drawbridge. The main island houses the baron's home. The other two islands serve as either the base of the military or as a starting point for fishermen, complete with docks. The town itself spreads from these three islands on to the mainland.

Location: Barony of the Mountains
Capital: Carnock
Ruler/Leader: Baron Ponoshich (Ernest Borgnine)
Important Court Members:
Allies: none
Enemies: none
Neutral: Baronies of the Woods and Southern Coast
Population: 950
Notes: The Barony of the Mountains lies within the western mountain range. Most of the residents within the barony are dwarves and live underground. Unlike the Barony of the Falls, this barony does not trade its ore with human settlements outside the barony. Most of the trade is with dwarven communities deep within the mountains.

Location: Barony of the Woods
Capital: Caerlaverock
Other Cities: Lanark
Ruler/Leader: Baron Ulric (Brian Blessed)
Important Court Members:
Allies: none
Enemies: none
Neutral: Baronies of the Mountains, Southern Coast, and Mists
Population: 1000+elves
Notes: The Barony of the Woods lies between the Barony of the Mountains to the west and the Barony of the Southern Coast to the southeast. Baron Ulric has the unenviable job of watching over the remnants of the people who were once our jailors. While most consider the idea of guarding against future problems with the surviving Tuathanas, Baron Ulric has found it to be easier than expected. He has made allies with a group of gnomes who serve as spies and informants within the Lanark community.

The glass lake that once was Larnark lies in the center of this barony. The new elven town of Larnark has built up around the old city.

Location: Barony of the Mist
Capital: Polworth
Ruler/Leader: Baron Kobel (Terrence Stamp)
Important Court Members:
Allies: none
Enemies: Baronies of the Southern Coast
Neutral: Baronies of the Woods and Fields
Population: 1500
Notes: The Barony of the Mist lies in under the Falls of Cimmeria along the Northern Mountain ridge. The falls are one hundred yards wide and cause a mist to rise up, covering the entire city of Polworth. The old elven buildings of the city are designed to resemble the mountainside from which the water flows. The city was evacuated during the war with the dragons.

The entrance to the Chantry of the Falls lies within the Falls of Cimmeria, which is easiest to access via the city of Polworth. A dwarf community within the mountains does business within the city of Polworth, trading ores for foodstuffs. This has resulted in the largest foundries and best smiths working from Polworth.

Baron Kobel is said to be a stern, selfish man. Those who do not do as he wishes often find themselves on the wrong end of a blade.

Location: Barony of the Fields
Capital: Sleat
Ruler/Leader: Baron Bellamy (Derek Jacobi)
Important Court Members:
Allies: Baronies of the River
Neutral: Barony of the Mists
Population: 1500
Notes: The Barony of the Fields is a large land and the food basket of the continent. Baron Bellamy's fields include orchards, farmlands, and ranges. Small villages have sprouted along the barony's borders where residents of other baronies can come and trade for the foodstuffs. This trend is beginning to be noticed by Baron Bellamy and the other nearby barons.

Baron Bellamy's land is a mostly peaceful one. Occasionally, outsiders will enter his lands to steal cattle or sheep. While there are patrols walking the perimeter of the land, they are unknown to most of the populace and rarely catch cattle thieves. To that extent, what is their real purpose?

Location: Barony of the River
Capital: Navia
Ruler/Leader: Baroness Kellie, daughter of Choilleich (Katie Sackhoff)
Important Court Members:
Allies: Barony of the Fields
Enemies: none
Neutral: Barony of the Southern Coast
Population: 1300
Notes: The Barony of the River started as a outpost guarding against the Haunted Wood. What began as a fort on an island in the middle of the Grand River has become a large city. The city now extends out along the banks of the river. Trade in Navia is mostly in foodstuffs. They trade fish and rice with the Barony of the Fields and Barony of the Apples for fruit and grains. Some additional trading is performed with the Barony of the Southern Coast.

Baroness Kellie rules with a firm hand. She and her husband, Sheriff Oram, have maintained peace and calm in their land for the past five years. The secret to their success is arming all of the citizenry. With the Haunted Wood within bow-shot, all persons traveling in the portion of the town along the eastern bank must be armed at all times. Creatures of chaos in the past have encroached into this portion of the city and an unarmed populace is an easy target. Persons on the western bank are not required to go about armed, but it is highly encouraged. With a well armed populace, the sheriff's guards are very quick to arrest anyone who gets out of line. Those who get too far out of hand are placed in a jail found within the Haunted Wood.

The Haunted Wood is the old dumping ground for all things failed in the way of Tuathanas experimentation. Creatures born of chaos and left to fend for themselves were transported here and released. Why this was done instead of simply killing the creatures is unknown.

Location: Barony of the Eastern Coast
Capital: Navia
Ruler/Leader: Baroness Gemma (Christine Weatherup)
Important Court Members:
Enemies: Barony of the Swamps
Neutral: Barony of the Fields
Population: 1200
Notes: The Barony of the Eastern Coast is the most removed barony on the continent. It lies far to the east of the Barony of the Fields and well north of the peat stricken Barony of the Swamps. Baroness Gemma rules with a light hand, allowing her banner families to run the land for her with only a minimal interest from her. The people of the land have formed a solidarity not to be seen amongst the other baronies. Arranged marriages and shared enterprises (farms, fisheries, livestock) have ensured a peaceful land exists.

Being so far removed from the nearest two kingdoms, there is a lack of fighting over fishing and farming rights. In fact, this barony could double its population and size without encroaching on to others' territory.

Location: Barony of Swamps
Capital: Cambria
Ruler/Leader: Baron Montrose (Vinnie Jones)
Important Court Members:
Allies: Barony of the Mist
Enemies: Barony of the Southern Coast, Fields, and Eastern Coast
Population: 800
Notes: The Barony of Swamps lies in the shadow of uninhabited mountains. Some of the highest peaks on the continent overshadow this barony. Where the mountains do not provide a border, the ocean and lakes line the borders of this kingdom. Waterways run throughout the land, many of which are the salt water of the ocean or intermingled with the salt water of the ocean. This has lead to a land of swamps (not bayou) and lakes.

Baron Montrose is a dark man with evil intent. He believes in the power of might and self. Yet, he has no problem with employing thieves and assassins to perform treachery. This baron leads from the front and brooks no challengers.

To be added:
Stonehaven – Dwarven city of note
Chantries of Note
Chantry at the Top of the World – Jurgen Prachnow
Chantry of the Falls – Lucy Griffiths
Chantry of the Lake – Natalie Umbruglia
Chantry of the Underkeep – Ralph Richardson
Chantry in the Plains – Sienna Miller
Religion's role in the lands of the baronies

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