Tuesday, August 23, 2011

GM & Player Badges

Stuart at Strange Magic has posted GM Badges, designed to tell potential players about your games. It looks like a fun idea, so here's what I came up with about my games. Keep in mind, there are categories I'm not including here, as I've used multiple techniques from the selections and they would conflict with each other.

The idea here is to display for potential players what type of games you like to run...or conversely for players to show which games they enjoy playing.

My games will tell an interesting Story

My games will be scary

My games focuses on Exploration & Mystery

I will Mirror back player ideas I think are interesting in the game

My games include Disturbing content

My games focus on interesting Characters and Drama

I'm sure everyone's experiences in my games differ and aren't completely represented here. However, if I think upon my best run games and those games that I enjoyed the most, this is the list that is most representative.

Interestingly, The Warlock's Homebrew has posted a Players version of these badges.

Hack and Slash! I like to kill things and take their stuff!

I like to role my character. I am my character!

Keep me away from torches and barns.

My character's actions are not for kids under 17 or sensitive ears at the table. Yeah, I'm that guy.

I like to explore the wilderness.

Wine, women and songs! Towns are for me!

I enjoy gritty pulp adventures!

It's all in fun and just a short bout of thinking.


Kaiju said...

That's great. I'm still thinking about what badges I'd use, and what the different combos might mean.

Lowell Francis said...

Very cool- have to look through the full catalog.