Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Catching My Wind

Well, it's almost over. Vacation, that is. I've been off work since last Tuesday night. I go back tomorrow, Wednesday. As always, it's too short.

I've spent little time being productive in a written manner. I've wanted to, but I just haven't spent that much time here in front of the computer. What time I have spent has been checking out more of Google +s features and cleaning up this blog. There are some things I'm still trying to figure out on Google +, and the mobile app for the iPhone is helping me understand it better. This blog had a lot of old crap in it that I cut out. I've also gone through and labeled, then re-labeled, and then labeled yet again posts. I think I have it at the level I want it at, for the time being. I also added that nifty new picture. The picture is of a Mexican wolf at the Columbus (Ohio) Zoo. I took it while there on vacation.

I hope to find time to talk about and show you my vacation. There was the zoo, the Elevator Room for steak and beer, comics to be be read, and friends to be visited. I could talk about cleaning the house, but do you really want to read that? I'm not Anne Rice, I simply cannot dedicate 20 pages to describing how I vacuumed up dog hair.

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