Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Magnificent Sound

I'm watching The Magnificent Sevent on AMC. Sure, it's got commercials, but it's a great classic.

When I was a kid, my little brother bought the soundtrack for the movie on tape. I listened to it all the time. That faded in a couple of months and then it was my "go to" album when I needed it. I don't remember the emotion associated with it, but there was one. Anyways.

I remember more of the music than I do of the film. Sure, I remember the film, what it was about, and who died/didn't die in the final fight sequence. But I remember the chord structures, when the gunshots sound during the soundtrack, and which theme is associated with which situations.

Yet, I don't remember the kid infiltrating Eli Wallach's bandito camp. I don't remember the gunslinger having nightmares. I don't remember there being two gunfights with the banditos.

I guess this is just further proof I should have stuck with music as a career, or further proof that I associate most everything with music. Either way, I find it an interesting bit of psychological nonsense.

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