Saturday, March 22, 2008

RPG Recommendation?

A game idea I had for modern fantasy (which I'm reading as modern supernatural).

City will be my fictional version of Memphis - Silverbrook. It's a city of fog.

Characters will start as basic people. They will have experiences which will lead them to a run in with a doctor. The doctor will provide them medicine and devices that will give them the ability to fight the bad supernatural folks. The medicine will function similar to mana/essence/quintessence and will power the devices.

The devices could include such things as masks of disguise, cloaks that make you invisible or clean up your appearance, magical pirate matchlock pistols, hidden swords ready at a moment's notice, books of magic, books of truth.

I want to be able to do original things (to me) with the system, supplying cool devices and even cooler bad guys.

Eventually, the world the characters know will morph into more of a spirit realm.

I want a rules system that uses or can easily incorporate Legend/Hero/Drama Points.

I do not want straight up d20 or oWoD. However, I may use elements of oWoD Changeling. I want a court of supernaturals in place, as I plan to have all supernaturals part of one Fae Court or another. Mind you, this will conflict the doctor's plans and many of the villains involved with that part of the storyline.

I am not going to use Little Fears. These girls have been through some real world trauma and I don't want to go down that road. It's nothing against , he knows I love his work.

Psychic powers may also be an element of the game. High weirdness and freaky shit that makes no sense ala Unknown Armies or lighter elements of Kult are also good. However, the UA rules are not okay.

So, my question to you, gentle readers, is what game line would you recommend I use for this game? The game system must use dice. I don't care for card based systems.

Thoughts I have thus far for the system are:
Cinematic Unisystem
Armageddon - for the powers of the Old Gods

I'd love to use Cold City's mechanics, but they are a little lighter than I really want.

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