Saturday, March 1, 2008

Landshark Lager and other tales of sailing

As requested by my good friend Meghan, I tried Landshark Lager this evening while at Max & Erma's for dinner. Now, I've got this terribly wonderful headcold/sinus infection thing going on, so take my review with a slug of rum. I gotta say, not that impressed with the lager. It tasted like a cross between a corona and "classic" American beer. It's from the wonderful folks at Margaritaville wherein my friend works. Anheuser-Busch is making it for them.

Next up, kaiju pressganged 8 of us into playing in a Freeport game Saturday night. We'll be playing every other Friday night and it looks to be the start of a good game. The game storyline is actually titled, "The Adventures of Ur-tarczek the half-elf and his companions Yasmina the Medusa and Michelle the Privateer." Of course, no one knows this but my character - Ur. Ur is half elf and half-goblin, but all piratey. He wears a simple leather vest, a leather skull cap with tie-downs, pants, and an eye-patch (to protect his good eye). Yasmina is actually a Medusa scattergun and Michelle is a pistol. The game looks to be horrendously painful in a good way. I even found a pirate goblin fig with scattergun this evening while at Fantasy Games.

Privateer Press has issued Pirates of the Broken Coast, adding ship rules to the Warmachine world. The book is overpriced, but I bought it anyways. I was going to pick up the Five Fingers book, but the cover was banged up in such a way as I did not want that copy. I'll keep my eyes open at Borders and other places in my travels. I'd love to run another Iron Kingdoms game. It's a great setting, very similar to Freeport. When I ran it a few years ago, we used the Unisystem instead of the OGL system it was designed to be used with. While I preferred the Unisystem rules, the magic rules broke the setting IMO. I'm not sure what I would do if I ran it again. True 20 works a bit better in my opinion, so I may do some converting. Iron Kingdoms just has so many setting specific character types with specific rules, that the moment you step away from those rules, you may step away from what makes Iron Kingdoms, Iron Kingdoms.

Privateer Press also has several new sets of pirate related figures to go with PotBC. I'm tempted to pick them up, just to have them.

Course, I'd lurv to run me another Star Wars game, too. :D

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