Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Batman Begins comment

I've been watching Batman Begins the past two nights. With edige's M&M game starting soon, I find myself in the mood for superhero/vigilante action.

As I watched the chase scene with the "Bat-tank," I took notice of the landscape. I recognized a lot of the scenery and buildings. Lower Wacker, below Lower Wacker, the various bridges, the buildings in the Loop, it's all there. I've always liked knowing such insider knowledge, as much as is it is insider knowledge. No, it isn't insider knowledge, but it kind of feels like it and let's face it, we all like being one the inside.

One side note, today is Of Masks and Men's birthday. If you have a chance, swing by and wish him a happy birthday! I already did so, over dinner.


Jim McClain said...

Thanks, Derek! I didn't even know you had a blog, but I'll be subscribing now!

Big D said...

No problem! Hopefully you'll find some entertainment value here.