Monday, August 20, 2007

Upcoming Projects

I'm listing these here, as they are off the beaten path. Hell, if you read this and your blog isn't linked to from here, speak up. I'm curious as to who else comes here to read. No worries, just curious.

Eden Studios Presents 4 - finish last article and ToC, then send to George and Alex
Eden Studios Presnts 5 - begin work on
PentaCon - bill paid, now to get GMs for the event
Book of Archetypes 3 and press announcement
Return to the Worlds of the Dead and press announcement
Zombie Master Toolkit - post needs for charts
Bad guys and creatures manual - again, why do all the work myself. submissions anyone?
Beaver City
Zombie Survival Stories
Book of War
Necropolis Ascendant
Post-Apoc Zombie book

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