Monday, August 20, 2007

GenCon Days 2-4

I got real busy, real tired, and damned lazy. Here's a summary of the rest of the event.

Picked up Soloman Kane\. SK is just too beautiful to not buy it. I didn't go for the t-shirt and prints package for an extra $50 though.

I picked up gifts for the girls, Jannine, and little Max.

Had a couple of nice dinners, one at St. Elmo's - veddy veddy nice.

Hung out with Tommy at the Safe House. Be sure to keep an eye out for your guardian angel.

Looked in on the Black and White Dance - was veddy veddy frightened.

Met Jaime Chambers. Threatened to steal his employees if he kept using ours.

Thought up more projects to work on, including a genre book we haven't done or started. doh!

George was gyped out of a chance to win the big prize for the Hal0clix tourney. BASTARDS!

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