Thursday, October 1, 2015

Action Points - Alternate Drama Point rules for Unisystem games

Action Points (Alternate Drama Points)

Cast Members have three points per session. This amount cannot be changed with Experience Points. If they are not spent during the game session, they do not add to the pool in the next game session.

The inspiration for these comes from wanting something more movie magic than TV magic. A few feel over-powered and I may need to drop them. I plan to try these out in a 2- or 3-shot game I am running soon.

Roll With the Punches:  Spend point to ignore all damage taken in one hit
Barely Touched Me:  Spend point to heal half of all damage at the end of a scene and before the next scene
A Good Night’s Rest:  Spend point to heal half of all damage after s standard sleep cycle

Die Rolls
I’m Better than That:  Spend point after the roll to raise the success level by one; for example raise a botch to failure or a failure to a success, etc.; cannot be used with damage rolls
Shiny and Chrome:  Spend point before roll for a +10 to the result; cannot be used with damage rolls
·     Fuck It:  Spend point and break a piece of essential equipment for a re-roll (equipment breaks after the roll, as the cast member uses it during the roll); further points may be spent to raise the success level or for a +10 to the roll

·    Other  
      Where Did That Come From?:  Spend point and have a piece of equipment to use that the character could reasonably had the opportunity to pack (or steal) and have on them at this point in time of the game

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