Thursday, April 30, 2015

Book of Mythic Europe Archetypes

Another list of archetypes for you, dear readers. The idea started as a list of potential Mythic Europe archetypes for a Dungeons & Zombies 2 / Beyond Human playtest. I have yet to develop any of them, so feel free to do so and submit them to me for inclusion in a future Book of Archetypes (one and two) or issue of Eden Studios Presents.

Era Archetype
Arthur Pendragon:   Herald
Arthur Pendragon:   Irish Hero
Arthur Pendragon:   Knight
Arthur Pendragon:   Knight Errant
Arthur Pendragon:   Pictish Wildman
Arthur Pendragon:   Saxon Invader
Arthur Pendragon:   Saxon Thegn
Arthur Pendragon:   Squire
Arthur Pendragon:   Troubador
Arthur Pendragon:   Welsh Seer
General:   Criminal
General:   Elder Bodyguard
General:   Man-at-Arms
General:   Mercenary
General:   Necromancer
General:   Rat Catcher
General:   Sheriff (shire reeve)
General:   Son/Daughter of Nobility -or- 2nd Son
General:   Town Guard
General:   Town Guard
General:   Trader/Merchant
General:   Wisest Wizard
General:   Jester
General:   Musician
Media tie-in:   Akkadian Assassian
Media tie-in:   Barbarian Queen
Media tie-in:   Civilized Merchant
Media tie-in:   Fiery Swordswoman
Media tie-in:   Master of Beasts
Media tie-in:   Queen of the Jungles
Media tie-in:   Religious Advisor
Media tie-in:   Former Barbarian King
Media tie-in:   Northmen Invader
Media tie-in:   Pictish Wildman
Media tie-in:   Dragon Slayer
Media tie-in:   Dragon Teacher
Media tie-in:   Military Commander
Media tie-in:   Village Elder
Media tie-in:   Virgin Sacrifice
Media tie-in:   Wizard's Apprentice
Media tie-in:   Monster Hunter
Viking:   Berserker
Viking:   Former Slave
Viking:   Hearth Guard
Viking:   Outcast
Viking:   Pilot/Trader
Viking:   Scald
Viking:   Shield Maiden
Viking:   Viking Reaver
Vortigen and Uther:   Celtic Gladiator
Vortigen and Uther:   Christian Priest
Vortigen and Uther:   Pagan Priest/Druid
Vortigen and Uther:   Roman Centurion
Vortigen and Uther:   Roman Senator

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