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Quick and Dirty: Kresnador Urban Okrug, Kresnador Krai, Russia

Quick & Dirty:  Kresnador Urban Okrug, Kresnador Krai, Russia

Description:  Kresnador is located on the Kuban River and is 92 miles northeast of Novorossyisk on the Black Sea. Kresnador Urban Okrug is the administrative center of the krai. Twenty-nine rural localities make up the krai. The Kuban River flows along the western edge of town and empties into the Krasnodarksoye Vodohkranilishche. European route E 592 enters the city from the north and travels south along the Krasnodarkskoye Vodorkranilishche to the east of the city, where the highway’s name changes.

The city is home to ten sports teams, including three football teams (American soccer) and one rugby union. Football fields can be found throughout the city. Tehre are several universities in the area, many focusing on scientific research, including seismicity. There are more than six theatres, a permanent circus, and the Kuban Cossak Choir. The largest splash fountain resides in Kresnador.

The city dates to the 18th century and was originally named for Catherine the Great and St. Catherine. After the October Revolution, the name was changed to support the Communist party.

Population:  744,995 (Athens, Greece or Columbia, South Carolina)
Conflict:  Government corruption, casino crime activities, and Russian gangs are all at play in this city.
1.        Krasnodars Circus:  This is a permanent circus and an official state circus. The circus is held in a round building near the heart of the city. The shows change with the season and sometimes include guest circuses, such as the Cirque du Soleil Russland.
2.        Krasnaya Street:  Translated as red (Communist), beautiful street, this area of town is the main arts and sight-seeing portion of the city. At one end is the Avrora movie theater and the other is the Central Concert Hall. A triumphal arch stands in the middle of the street.
3.        Kuban State University:  The university accepts up to 200 students per year from outside of Russia. This includes students from the USA, Great Britain, France, Greece, and Turkey. It is the only university in southern Russia to allow students from those specific countries. The university has three members of the Russian Academy of Science as lecturers. Research at the university is sold to the USA, Germany, Great Britain, and Japan. The largest amount of money produced by universities in the Krasnodar is from KubSU. Their work includes regional programs related to seismicity. Trips to the area of Gelendzhik and the Lago-Naki plateau by students to carry out experiments and field study is common.

Three Hooks: 
1.        Steel Hyperboloid Structure:  Located near the Krasnodars Circus, this tower was designed by Vladimir Shukhov. The building is a work of art and has no known current function. Lights adorn the structure and provide a beautiful visage at night. Vampires with mentalist powers can use this structure to boost their signal. A vampire with the ability to exert her will over the populace can increase the number of people they are able to affect. A vampire or even a human mentalist with mind speaking abilities can boost their range. In order to use the tower, vampires spend one point of Aberrance and is considered attuned to the tower. After attuning to the tower, all Vampiric Powers related to Awareness, Field Effects, Invisibility, Mental Attacks, Necromancy, Possession, and Voice operate at one level higher when touching the tower. Human mentalists must pass a difficult Stability test in order to attune to the tower. At the Director’s discretion, certain abilities and powers from Rough Magicks may also be affected by the tower.
2.        Casinos:  Krasnodar is home to several casinos. Like other casinos across the world, these attract criminal elements. The amount of crime in Krasnodar has decreased in the past five years and most of the crime performed is of a serious level, related to organized groups. Government corruption is only worsening due to the economic crisis building in Russia. The conspiracy can easily move their money through the various casinos in Krasnodar. Gun thugs and meat heads abound in an area such as this, lending to the high level of violent, serious criminal activity.

3.        MacKey’s Pub:  A British style pub near the All Saints Cemetery. This location may serve as solace for world weary travelers who just need a moment to catch their breath. The bar opened during the Bush family wars in the Middle East and quickly became a hang-out spot for burned spies looking to catch up with each other. The GRU quickly figured out it was being used by former Western spies and sent their own agents to infiltrate the place. The Western spies knew and did not care. They were enamored by a place that reminded them of home and provided fond memories of what life was like. As soon as the GRU were discovered by the regulars, a policy was put in place by the regulars to not discuss trade craft on-site. Sit-downs and meetings could be lined up, introductions could be made, but nothing official was to be discussed or allowed to occur in the pub. The GRU know they have been made, but maintain spies on staff, if for no other reason than to keep the spies who come here on their toes. MacKey’s Pub is open for late breakfast, lunch, dinner, and after hour drinks. It is likely a good place to find someone who knows someone or something you need.

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