Monday, October 21, 2013

Classic Unisystem Rule thought and Witches from Elf Lair Games

Classic Unisystem:  In an effort to reduce the number of skills, without hitting the Cinematic rules system, I think I have a way. What if the Skill Type rules were changed so that you buy that skill and choose a single Skill Type. The skill level purchased is for all skills within the cascade. The Skill Type is written next to the Skill on the character sheet. Anytime the Skill is used, the player receives a +2 to the roll.

So, Science (Biology) 2 means that a chemistry roll is 1D10 + Int Attribute + 2. Biology tests would be 1D10 + Int Att + 4.

This is already alluded to in the rules. However, to me it comes across more as, yes, the player can use Science (Biology) for a chemistry test, but they receive a big penalty. I think by spinning it in to a positive situation where the player gets a bonus, it makes it a better experience.

I think it may also play into another idea I had. The further along someone moves into becoming a specialist or Ph.d, the more they know about their one thing. 

Yes, this also crosses over to Guns and Hand Weapons. It does not involve Special Skills like Medicine.

Thoughts? Does it break the system?

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The Grey Elf said...

Well, you've just rolled specializations into the base skills and dumped defaulting.

Personally, I'd stick with the rules-as-written: if you have Science (Biology) you can make a Science (Chemistry) roll by defaulting to your science skill at a -2 to your test.

Derek Stoelting said...

It does cross that line. Buying the specialization provides a +3. I'm just looking for a way to make the game "pop" a little more.