Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Baron Who Would be King

A land in the midst of a dark age. A generation ago, maybe more, the Horde descended upon the people of the seven nations. The brought death and destruction. The king and his dukes met the khan and khanate upon the fields of plenty where our lord and master was slaughtered. For thirteen long years, the Horde ravaged the land.

No one can point to a single specific reason for the Horde's departure. Some of the barons claim it was their battle prowess versus a foe more numerous. Elders in villages across the land claim a curse placed upon the Horde by druids led to the foreigners' demise. In the end, all that mattered was that the Horde was gone and a decimated people could try and rebuild.

Rebuild homes, rebuild keeps and castles, rebuild roads and bridges, rebuild farms and families. With the Horde gone, the old enemies returned. Creatures of the night, disputes over land and women, and the Old Gods looking for sacrifices. 

It is into this world our heroes step. Into a barony with a need for strong leaders. A barony with a baron who desires so much more for his people, his land, and himself.

A baron who would be king.