Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sharing Ideas

Jason has a new blog up over at The Wasted Lands disussing a game idea I have seen discussed around. I think Lowell and PeterAmthor would probably steal the most ideas from it. The premise is that the characters have all been brought back from the dead and given a second chance to be better people by a mysterious woman. All of the characters have died from their major character flaw. However, the catch is that they must fight against the supernatural evils in the world and punish sinners.

Jason goes at it from his Gnostic standpoint, tieing in various spirits and demons. The Archons get mentioned, as do vampires and werewolves. His plan would be to use Unisystem rules from Armageddon and give everyone Primal Powers. I think you could do just as good a job with Scion, Supernatural, or Kult if you have a copy. You could probably even do it with your favourite superhero game rules.

Jason's taken the idea from a band who released a concept album around the same premise, albeit with a comic book tie-in, as well. I know several of us have stolen directly or indirectly from music sources for campaigns in the past.

I thought the game idea was worth sharing. Give his short post a read and maybe you will gather ideas for your game or find new music to spin.

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