Friday, January 20, 2012

Legos for Fan Film Friday

I wanted to go a different direction this week for Fan Film Friday. Instead of people doing all of the work, I thought I would show you two Lego-based films.

There are a large number of Lego films out there. My favourite are the stop motion based films. It is harder to see the stop motion in some films than in others. Some "Lego" based films out there are digital images and not real Legos. Those were not reviewed or even remotely considered for inclusion this week.

Another topic that I consider when reviewing these films is the quality of sound and proper use or lack of use of sound. Do they utilize music? If so, is it appropriate to the genre or mood of the film? There are tools out there that can be used to improve sound quality. If you are just talking into your laptop's internal microphone and not filtering with a program, you are doing your audience a dis-service.

Based on all of that, I have a Batman and a zombie fan film for you to watch. The Batman fan film actually has backgrounds that remind me of the Batman Lego video game. The voices are a combination of the tv show and movies. Robin is in the film, as is the Joker and his henchmen.

I like this one, because it's clean and nicely done. There's a quick view of the situation, we know how the cast arrived, and we see them arm up before the attack. The zombie film has more than just your standard zombies in it. There is a feel of Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil to a couple of the zombies. If you aren't a fan of either of those, I don't think they will ruin the viewing experience for you.

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Kaiju said...

Those are really well done! I didn't expect the way the Batman movie turned out.