Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fog Warren

Reality is changing

• Violent crime is on the rise
• Crimes that appear to start as non-violent, are becoming violent
• The number of criminal cases that remain open has increased just as much as violent crime's rise
• The inability to solve these crimes is due as much to law enforcement’s inability to determine whom are the sources of the attacks, as much as, the weapons of the attacks (missing body parts of the victims, bodies torn wide open, etc.)
• Neighbors either band together or turn on each other
• Neighborhood watch groups begin propping up the local law enforcement, casing the streets for criminals and perceived threats
• Gun sales are on the rise

The city is dying
• Ten years ago, the town was blooming into a real city
• Retail businesses were on the rise
• Manufacturing companies continuously poured money into the area
• Corporations looked at the town as a good place to set up small offices
• Population is now on the decline
• Retail struggles to make enough money to keep the lights on
• Manufacturing jobs are few and far between
• Corporations and other sponsors are leaving as quickly as they can
• Funding to the school corporations is drying up as the tax base leaves
• Police and fire employees are leaving due to poor wages

Welcome to the government town
• Government is now the largest employer in the county
• Micromanaging is the practice of the day in town hall
• Monies meant for school and police often go to initiate failed programs that “just need one more opportunity to be successful.” This includes joining the technology band-wagon after the tech-industry’s melt down
• The county-run penitentiary is now accepting criminals from state-wide in order to gain more funding
• One of two hospitals has closed.
• The first, privately owned, closed before it could not pay off all of its debts. The building now stands empty
• The second is partially funded by government grants
• The state university is doing all it can to attract students, including foreign students
• Tech colleges sprout up for a year and then disappear
• The local private university is struggling to keep its client base
• The local ports struggle with upkeep, jeapordizing future business

This isn’t my neighborhood
• The streets are more narrow and in disrepair
• The alleys are filled with debris and derelicts
• Long shadows stretch from the bad side of town into every nook and cranny
• Neighbors are missing or found in the local mental hospital
• Homes for sale don’t sell and often stand empty

Tooth and Claw
• The news showed the remains of a bear attack at the local grocery store.
• The little old lady that lives behind me was found with a bloody butcher knife and the remains of her daughter in law on the kitchen table. Bite marks were reported on the thighs. The grandchildren and father were found unconscious in another room
• Coyote attacks on local farms are increasing. Local ranchers speak of selling and moving down the coast
• Homeless are being found without their eyes
• Applications to own pit-bulls are increasing
• A pack of feral dogs just ran past chasing a small boy and no one is bothering to call for help

Other Towns have the same problem
• Hunger City
• Rain Town
• And now Fog Warren

Maybe it isn’t

edited July 23, 2011 by Derek to correct a city name and then I changed it back


Lowell Francis said...

I'm only relieved that it wasn't a gang of small children chasing a feral dog.


Derek said...

I figure John Carpenter did that with "In the Mouth of Madness," why duplicate it?

Kaiju said...

This is relevant to my interests.

Nice work!