Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Slowly the creative juices return to my soul.

Finally, a new muse has entered my life. May she never leave, even when she must.

A new notebook has been purchased. I've begun sketching out the metaplot for the first of two seasons I have in mind for a modern supernatural world. I've begun thinking about musical influences and it's funny how I ways return to some of the same music as I've used before. However, this time I have newer music to allow influence my travels. I have also purchased books to help me with research / ideas for these paths I trod.

Ideas for a hard sci-fi campaign and low magic fantasy world have begun to bubble. I'll let them stew a bit, though. It's not like I'm even running a game right, now. It's just nice to feel the creativity flowing through me once again.

Perhaps I shall share more later, but for now rest assured I'm not quit dead.


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Kaiju said...

Huzzah! Welcome back!