Wednesday, February 18, 2009

my hat for DTV no know limit

I am so not happy with the must go digital with the tv initiative. The signal is on a tighter beam and therefore, harder to get in with an antenna. If there's rain, I don't get at least one broadcast channel's signal in tune. If there's snow, I'm lucky if I can any channel.

I am so glad we've gone this direction, to make the cell phone people happy. Oh, so happy.

Wait, there's this lovely little thing under the television. I think they use to call it a radio. What's this button do? That's cute it lights up, but wait! Those sounds, that noise, those emotions it brings forth...and wait, the commercials aren't as annoying and all the channels come in tune! Why didn't anyone tell me about this old timey invention? It is much cooler than the television.

Seriously, way disappointed with DTV. Don't like it, don't want it, won't be getting cable/dish/whatever anytime soon.

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