Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Port Meirion

Something I wrote up over dinner...

Port Meirion was only the beginning – the first step in what would become a series of holding cells and jails to keep those of us who know too much from sharing what we knew with the rest of the world. Like anyone would believe us anyways. The things we saw, the things we heard, what we learned and tried to forget – all of it! – it was just too much.

Most folk dealt with “it” in one of two ways. The first was outright denial. You know, the river. Some of them didn’t realize what they had witnessed or their minds didn’t believe in such things. Others knew what it was that they bore witness to and refused to accept the truth to it. They simply blocked it from their minds and it never bothered them ever again. Amongst the Village residents, these are the hardest to discern if they are prisoners or participants. They rarely realize why they are in the Villages. With the right prescriptions, they are no trouble at all.

The second group cannot deal with their new-found knowledge and go insane from it. The Arkham Asylum is filled with these individuals. I’ve herad tales from the Bear and Oz facilities that our foreign counterparts are not always as nice as us and will put people with both mainline coping methods in their Villages. Dr. Sapperstien keeps his “participants” in a medical clinic separate from Arkham.

Dr. Saffron goes so far as to keep the two different groups in two different countries. The non-believers and those that find a way to cope among us are kept in a mansion in the countryside of England. The madmen of the UK are sent to an isolated castle in the Highlands of Scotland. The Welsh location is still in use. We mostly use it for testing new techniques and equipment (the Rover model 5 is brilliant!).

A third U.S. facility is being planned for the Washington area. The number of prisoners and participants on the east side of the country is growing. The destruction brought by Katrina has increased our population.

I’ve been told the India subcontinent office is off and running. “Dr. Raj” has a wonderful mind – even if he insists we do not refer to him by hi real name. There is also talk amongst the Number Zeds that a location in southern Africa or South America may be needed in the next 5-10. Problems in their larger cities are becoming more and more common.

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