Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ahoy, lubbers!

Eleven years ago, six friends came across a treasure map. They followed the map all the way to the mouth of a cave. Being young and impressionable, they turned chicken and called it a day. In time, each take a piece of the map as a souvenir and memory.

Now, two of those friends have turned up dead and those left alive are not exactly the best of friends.

One has signed a charter with the crown to head a Privateer ship. He sails the seas pirating ships of other kingdoms, taking a percentage and turning the rest in to the local governor. Little does he know, but someone has been making the rounds looking for him in all the usual places of scum and villainy.

Another sits in a brig of the capital. He stands accused of theft, impersonating a naval officer of the crown, extorting the wives of good men, and claiming the virtue of more than one lady. The guards claim he’ll be swinging by the neck before dawn. He figures it’s either that or what happened to his two dead mates.

The third sails upon HMS Relentless. He lives for hunting pirates, buccaneers, and privateers. He’s lost many a man to the raiders and slavers, but still sails on. Scars, swords, and pistols make up his life these days – as more and more pirates are seen on the waters and in ports.

The fourth is now a captain of the guard, protecting the governor’s lands and people for the crown. They were unlucky enough to come across their friend while enjoying the virtues of a lady while said lady’s husband was meeting with the governor to discuss banking options for the island. Little does he know, but he’s about to be the nexus of a crises that could have been averted many years ago by six childhood friends.

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